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"That's it for today kids

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"That's it for today kids. You can go."

Disclosed your English teacher, Mr. Park. The bell that informed the students it was break time finally rang. Your classmates rushed out of the room, impatient to meet their friends while eating their food.

On the other hand, you didn't want to eat anything. After what happened the previous evening, just the though of food made you throw up. Plus, you needed time for yourself and didn't want to see anyone.

Hongjoong didn't showed up today, which made you feel even worse. This time, you really bottomed out.

You quickly warned Mingi and Wooyoung that you wouldn't have eaten with them. They looked a little confused, but didn't ask anything and walked away, directed to the cafeteria.

You started down on your own, in the long hallway of your college until you stopped in front of a white door. The library. That was the only place where you could be by yourself and study, too. You entered the room full of books of every genre: Chemistry, Biology, Literature, English, Economy.

Your attention soon fell on the black figure that was absorbed in the book he was holding between his hands.

"Hello, San."

You wave at him with your hand. He moved the book away from his nose and smiled when he recognised you. He stood up and fixed his glasses on the nose before coming to you and hug you.

"Areum! How are you?"

He asked, hugging you even tighter. You chuckled when he lifted you up. San was the son of your parents' boss. You know him since you were little and used to play together at your place. He was older than you, two years older, precisely, and was studying in one of the most important university so that he could follow his father's steps and take over his dad's company. In the free time, he liked to help in your college, especially in the library, since he was a bookworm.

"I'm fine, thanks. What about you? How's your university going? And your dad?"

You asked, lifting your stare to look at him in the eyes, without release the hug. Since he was taller than you, he had to lower his face to look at you.

"Everything is fine. Thank you! So, did you need something?"

San released the hug to let you place your bag on the table at the centre of the room. You snorted.

"Nothing, actually. I just wanted to stay by myself for some time. The last few days really played with my patience."

You explained, passing a hand through your hair nervously. From the corner of your eyes, you could see San's body stiffening when he heard those words.

"D-Do you want me to leave?"

He asked stuttering and fidgeting. A gentle smile appeared on your face, realising the fact that San never changed. He was still the old caring and shy boy he was years ago. And you hoped he won't never change. Then, an idea set off the light bulb in your head.

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