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"Alright you lovebirds, what just happened?"

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"Alright you lovebirds, what just happened?"

Asked Mingi with a hinch of drag in his tone. Wooyoung laughed hiding his mouth behind his hand.

"Kim Hongjoong here just made me look bad with my literature teacher. In front of him!"

You replied pissed off and embarrassed. Your hands covered your face to hide yourself blushing, while you could hear Hongjoong bending over with laughter.

"You should've seen her face! Unforgettable!"

He said between a laugh and the other. You shook your head, thinking about your teacher's face and at the way he looked at you. It was so embarrassing for you. You won't be able to look at him in the eye for the next six months. It's not that you had a hard crush in him, even because he was your teacher and nothing could happen between you two, it's just that you find him really attractive and you let your fantasy ride every time you had his lessons. But that should've stayed a secret.

As you unveiled your face, the first eyes you met were his. Kang Yeosang's. Goosebumps covered your skin when he smiled and nodded hello. Your face turned red again, but you tried no to show it, so you just smiled him back. Mingi noticed all that happened and chuckled.

"Well, it was successful. You are already making googly-eyes at each other."

The red-haired boy exclaimed, making your other two friends turning around to look at your teacher. Wooyoung raised his eyebrows a couple of times before chuckling. Hongjoong smirked in your direction as if he was proud of what he had done.

"Since the demon thing did not succeed, she has to find a real boyfriend, and, by real, I mean a human and existing creature."

You almost choked with your saliva, after hearing this sentence. The demon thing did succeed you moron, and it was all your fault. That was what you wanted to reply to, but something stopped you. You didn't want them to worry for you, after all, the demon thing called Seonghwa wasn't there to hurt you. Right? However, you were curious to know if something similar happened to them.

"About that, didn't you witnessed something strange after that? Like objects that move on their own or strange scriptures on your mirrors?"

You asked, fidgeting with your index fingers. Looking at them in the eye would've been like asking for help, considering the fact that you weren't really good at hiding your emotions and, most of the time, your facial expressions talked in your place. Mingi, Wooyoung and Hongjoong exchanged quick, confused glances between them before answering a coral "No". So, you were the only one?!

"Why? Did something happen to you?"

Asked Hongjoong, his eyes sparkling. He didn't say that, but he got disappointed by the fact that he couldn't manage to summon a demon. He was interested to know how demons lived, if they really had magical powers, or if it was just a myth. That was the reason why he got excited when you asked that question.

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