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Warning: mention of violence.

Warning: mention of violence

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"Thanks for the food, San. It was delicious."

You said while you were helping him cleaning the dishes. The male blushed and smiled before passing you another dirty dish. You grabbed it and clean it with hot water and soap, rubbing it vigorously. You handed it back to him and he dried it with a towel, before placing it in the cupboard above our heads. You dried your hands with another towel.

San cleared his throat before speaking. He lifted his thumb, indicating upstairs and smiled.

"You can use the guest room. I guess you already know where it is."

He said, always with a smile. The male didn't give you the time to reply that he stepped on the stairs. You followed him with a quick step and grabbed the hem of his lilac jumper. His body stiffened when e realized that you stopped him. San turned around to face you and he found you staring at the tips of your feet.

As always, you were embarrassed to ask him that question that surfaced in your mind, but you were scared of what might happened if you were left alone in a room for a long period of time. Which was stupid, you've never felt the need to always have someone around you, you liked your own company. However, now, it was different.

Even if San couldn't see Seonghwa, you felt the need to have someone on your side, in case that demon appeared. You wanted to be protected. Or maybe, you just wanted San to be around you even at night.

"Can I sleep with you?"

You ask, murmuring with a pout without letting your eyes cross with his. Your cheeks heated up and you squeezed your eyes closed as if you were waiting for the male in front of you to began laughing and making fun of you. That laugh never came, though. The silence was the only thing you heard.

Checking to see if everything was alright, you lifted your face to see San's face blushing like the dish of tteokbokki you just finished eating. He covered his mouth with the hand, which was hidden under the sleeve of his jumper, and looked away. You mentally cursed yourself form making him so embarrassed to not even being able to look at you in the eyes.

Though, the truth was that San's mind, right after hearing those words falling from your pretty lips, started to ride wildly, reaching his most sinful thoughts. He was ashamed by his thoughts, he waited such a long time, years, just to kiss you. Now, he wanted to have you, in every way possible. However, he knew it wasn't the right time for you and he knew how focused and wasted you were lately, so he preferred to wait. He would've waited forever for you.

He cleared his throat, and hummed as a response, without making eye contact with you. You smiled and followed him to his room. You plopped on the bed and patted the empty side close to you, telling San to reach you. He did as you silently asked, and covered himself with the blankets.

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