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A week has passed after that afternoon

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A week has passed after that afternoon. Again, you and Hongjoong didn't even looked at eachother in the face and he didn't show up in the cafeteria once.

Mingi and Wooyoung frequently asked you where he was and what had happened between you two and your answer was always the same: "nothing happened, he has an important exam and is studying like crazy". And then, you'd ran away from them, without giving any more explanations.

You hated lying to him, but it was for his safety. You'd rather suffer Seonghwa's anger all on yourself than on Hongjoong, too.

You were sat on your bed, lost in your mind, when your attention fell on the rose on the bedside table. It wasn't wilted by a day. Seonghwa didn't appear in this past week, which was expected, since you had to be the one to call him.

The digital alarm clock close to the flower marked the hour. 3:27 in the morning and you still weren't able to close your eyes and sleep.

Your parents weren't at home. They were on a business trip for the next two weeks. So, you were alone.

As if the rose could call you, your eyes layed on it again and the usual knot in the stomach came to surface. You bit your lower lips and, before you could have the time to realise it, your fingers plucked out a petal.

"Can't sleep?"

He asked and you gasped, letting the petal fall off your hand. You turned your head to meet his gaze and there he was.

Seonghwa was wearing a V neck oversized black t-shirt with long sleeves which was tucked into his black skinny jeans. For the first time, you noticed that he was wearing jewelry: a black choker, several thin silver necklace and a long earring in his left ear.

Oh my God.

No sound left your mouth. The demon came closer as you stood up. Your heart was pounding heavily in your chest. The memories of the last night you spent with him invaded your mind and you felt your cheeks turning red.

Seonghwa chuckled when he reached you. He caressed your cheek with his thumb, looking at the frustrated expressions you had that was making him going crazy.

"Your mind is already going wild, I see."

He whispered on your lips, seconds before kissing you. You missed this contact between you two, that's why you crossed your arms behind his back, pulling him closer. His hands were now in your hair.

His tongue meet yours. He sucked it between his teeth and you tightened the grip on his t-shirt. The knot in your stomach tightened too, enjoying the sensation of your tongue in his mouth.

You two parted and looked in the eyes. That blue shade was piercing you, as if he was reading what was going in your head.

"Is there something bothering you, kitten?"

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