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"We need to talk

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"We need to talk."

Started off your friend crossing his arms on his chest. The blood in your veins froze. You stopped your movements as soon as those words reached your ears. It took you a few seconds before you could collect enough courage to look at him in the eye. Those grey eyes. You won't ever be able to run away from them. The boy in front of you was able to read you like some kind of open book. You met him last year, your first year of college. At that time his hair was bright red and you always told him how good that colour looked on him. It was made for him.

"About what?"

You replied still looking in his eyes, hoping he could understand that you weren't hiding anything from him. Or almost anything, since just seconds before Hongjoong and your parents entered the house, you were literally making out with a demon. He chuckled under his breath, sitting on your desk chair.

"You know what."

He talked back, waiting for you to finally speak. He knew that there was something that you still hadn't told him. He knew that for days. Since that night. Though, he hoped that it wasn't really for the demon that you failed to summon. You weren't someone that get scared easily, like Mingi. Plus, you didn't even believe in demons and all that stuff in which Hongjoong believed. That was why he thought that something deeply bothered you that night, because he believed in demons, and consequently, he knew that you met one of those creatures.

"No, I don't."

You replied stubbornly. Telling him about Seonghwa was out of the question. Firstly, because you wouldn't know how he would react. He was a huge fan of "dark stuff" but you didn't want to risk. Secondly, you didn't know how the person concerned -or better, the demon- would react if someone else got to know about his existence. You didn't want Seonghwa to get angry a kill your white haired friend. You still had to get revenge after this morning when he embarrassed you in front of your teacher Kang Yeosang.

Hongjoong almost lost his chill and start moving his right leg nervously.

"Really, Areum? Why don't you just tell me what is going on with you? There's obviously something bothering you and, since I'm your friend, I want to help you. Am I asking too much?"

Snapped Hongjoong, his hands clenched into fists. He usually was quiet, even when things bothered him to death. You have never seen him so angry and worried about you. Mostly because you thought that Seonghwa wasn't that dangerous, considering the fact that he in the first place said that he didn't want to harm you. And what happened a little while a go in the kitchen confirmed it.

"Hongjoong, really, I'm happy that you're worrying for me, but there's nothing going on."

You shrugged your shoulders while taking a sit on your bed. The more you said that everything was alright, the more you convinced yourself. But not your friend, who ran his fingers through his hair.

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