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Warning: mention of violence and blood.

You were Seonghwa's most important thing in the world

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You were Seonghwa's most important thing in the world. Somehow, for the first time in his long life, he got really affectionate to a human, almost to the point where he needed her with him and the fact that she didn't want to leave that world was slowly eating him from the inside for the jealousy. He loved how you were devoted to him, it never happened to him, before.

He came to the conclusion that, probably, the reason why you didn't want to leave with him, was because you had all of your friends and beloved in the human world and you didn't want to part from them. So, he decided to do what needed to be done. Kill all of them.

Seonghwa's hands were about to reach for your teacher's neck, wanting to start from him, since he was the one doing everything in order to banish him. What Mr. Kang didn't know, was that Seonghwa remembered very well his time with your teacher, when he was a Succubus. But he didn't need to remember him. Actually, Mr. Kang already knew it from the first time he spoke with Joo-Hyuk, back to his house.

However, something clicked behind Seonghwa's back and everyone in the room froze when they realized what it was. Or better, who it was.

Everyone almost forgot about their fifth friend, who went out of the apartment to catch some fresh air. San sneaked his head in the space between the door and the doorframe, checking the situation. When he was out, he heard some noises, someone screaming and someone crying and decided to go back inside. Useless to say that he made the worst decision in his life.

The first thing San spotted when looking in the cluttered kitchen, were you lying on the ground in Hongjoong's arms, sobbing and sniffing, from time to time. Wooyoung and Mingi were on your sides, making sure that you weren't injured in any way. By instinct, he moved his feet towards you but immediately stopped as soon as he noticed a seventh person in there.

His eyes slowly moved on the dark figure on his left and, only at that moment, he noticed that it had horns and wings. The blood froze in San's veins when the demon turned around and faced him.

Seonghwa smelled the air around him and, as soon as he recognised the scent, something snapped inside of him, making his hands twitching for the bother.

He turned around, his fangs well exposed to scare the poor boy, who was standing still at the door. The demon took off one of his red gloves and you couldn't help it but find it extremely sexy the way his fingers elegantly slipped out of the fabric.

His shiny, black nails elongated until they became long, pointy and sharp. A wave of anger took control over Seonghwa's body, numbing his mind and making him run towards San, whose skin got paler as soon as he realized what were the intentions of the demon.

He sharpened his hand and pointed it right on San's chest, where his heart was. Seonghwa's teeth were grinding together as his steps quickened.

You realized what was happening only when the demon was almost at San's heart, however, you couldn't let that happen. You would never forgive yourself if San died. You couldn't imagine your life without San, he was a brother for you and you didn't want to let him go like that.

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