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"Stay away from her

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"Stay away from her."

You heard from behind Seonghwa's back. This time, the demon in front of you tensed up.

He turned around to see who spoke while you leaned over the demon's shoulder. Your eyes burst out of the sockets when you saw Mr. Kang standing in front of the door and your friends right behind him. His arms were rigid and stretched in front of the three males, to not let them pass. His stare was cold and blank.

Seonghwa hissed while moving his body, so that you were facing his huge back. You gulped and glued your body to the wall to not touch him.

"Who are you?"

Seonghwa asked with a harsh tone, hiding you behind his tall figure. Your eyes were flying from the demon to your teacher, incredulous. So, Mr. Kang could really see Seonghwa and he could also talk to him. That meant he already met an Incubus before and that day when he told you about the girl he liked in high school wasn't a lie.

Your friends, on the other hand, were puzzled. They weren't understanding what was going on, nor who the teacher was talking to since they couldn't see Seonghwa. They were only looking at you, worried to death.

"No one you should be scared of."

Replied Mr. Kang with a snickering grin on his lips. He dared to play with a demon, how brave. Your teacher relaxed his stretched arm and stood still in front of Seonghwa, doing absolutely nothing. Why?

Because Mr. Kang perfectly remembered the words you said last time you two had a conversation. "Not every demon is the same. Mine would never hurt me." And today he wanted to prove to you how evil a demon could be, even yours. So, he decided to stand in front of the demon, waiting for his next move, which could end the teacher's life in seconds.

However, if Seonghwa was smart enough, he wouldn't attack anyone in that room. The demon knew how scared you were, he could feel it. Killing everyone would make you even more terrified of him and therefore he would lose you easily. That was why he'd better don't do anything.

And that was what he did, nothing. Seonghwa wasn't dumb, he was scared to lose you as prey, so he chose to stay still and look at your teacher in the eyes. He won't lose that battle. He will take you with him. Plus, his energies and powers were dwindling, so he couldn't manage to afford a battle at that moment. So, he turned around, looking at you for the last time with a sad expression on his face and disappeared in a cloud of grey and red smoke.

You felt as if you just came to the surface, your lungs filled up with oxygen as your back slipped down against the cold wall of the bathroom. Tears started rolling down your cheeks when you began to breathe loudly, moving your chest up and down rapidly, desperately searching for air. You started crying, moving your hand to your chest and tightening the grip on the knitted cardigan you were wearing.

Your sobs were the only things that could be heard in the room. Hongjoong, Mingi, and Wooyoung were still in their place, they hadn't moved of an inch. But you could understand them, they didn't know that Seonghwa disappeared, so the were scared to get closer to you.

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