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You reached the cafeteria after your white-haired friend, who was hopping on his feet to celebrate his victory

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You reached the cafeteria after your white-haired friend, who was hopping on his feet to celebrate his victory. You grunted at him, your glare like daggers while you stepped towards the table where all of your friends were seated at. But there was someone extra and he was turning your back, so you couldn't see his face. Short, thick, black hair, wide shoulders, black and white striped shirt, small waist. Could it be...


Screamed Hongjoong from behind and making you jolt. He ran to the table and sat next to Mingi, in front of him, Wooyoung and San and you, once you reached the table and took a seat. You waved at the guys and whispered a small "hi" to San, that couldn't stop smiling at you. You smiled back while laying your bag on the floor between your feet.

Your embarrassment grew when you realised that he was giving all of his attentions to you only. You felt uncomfortable, so you tried to change the topic of the conversation, with the aim to include San, so that he could stop staring at you. Though, you were curious to know how, your friends and San met.

"How do you guys know eachother? I haven't introduced San to you..."

You asked to Mingi, Hongjoong and Wooyoung. They looked at eachother before chortling.

"We first met here in the library, he helped us searching the books we needed and with our homeworks. And he said we're stupid."

Explained Mingi, before clicking his tongue when he said the last sentence. Hongjoong laughed and added his dose of sarcasm.

"Yeah, as if he was cleverer than us."

This time, you were the one laughing, looking at your friends disgusted faces. San looked back at you again, enjoying the sight of your face withering with fun. He loved seeing you happy and careless thanks to him.

"Hey, what you have to eat is in your dish, not seated next to you."

Muttered Wooyoung with a stinging tone. He didn't want to be rude to San, he just wanted to make fun of him, embarrassing the male in front of the others. The poor San blushed, you almost thought he could catch fire under your gaze. Hongjoong and Mingi, on the other hand, nearly spat all the food stuffed in their mouth and laughed out loud and you bet they could be heard even on the other side of the campus.


You scolded him, extending your arm to slap his nape so hard that the skin became red. That was fun, yes, but you were worried for little San, that was slowly sinking in his chair, hoping to disappear soon. The crimson colour didn't leave his cheeks, rather they seemed even redder than before.

☆──────═══• ☽ ☼ ☾ •════──────☆

You were leaving the cafeteria, holding the books in your arms and the bag on your shoulder. Hongjoong and Mingi left before you, while laughing at some of their jokes. Wooyoung was still in the cafeteria, talking with some girls that were staring at him like he was some sort of angel, completely enchanted by his charm. Wooyoung had a lot of appeal and he was perfectly aware of that.

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