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The awakening, as expected, wasn't one of the most pleasant

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The awakening, as expected, wasn't one of the most pleasant. Your head stopped spinning and you were grateful for that, however it was replaced by a terrible headache. It was like you had a knife stringed in your forehead. But at least, you were able to stand up and walk straight.

After you dressed up (with a turtle neck to hide Seonghwa's love bite), washed your face and tried to put some colour on your face with make up, you went to the kitchen. You weren't hungry, that pain you had in your head almost didn't allow you to be.

You quickly swallowed two pills against headache and dashed out of your apartment, making sure to lock the door. The cold hit you as soon as you stepped out of the building and you tightened in your jacket, imagining that it was your warm blanket that you left on your bed.

Wooyoung and Mingi were the ones who waited for you at the entrance of the campus. No sign of Hongjoong, but that didn't worry you, since the day before you two seemed to have clarified the "Incubus" question.

"Ah! A ghost! Oh, it's you, Areum."

The black-haired male made fun of your appearance. Your stare threw daggers at your friend, who received a sonorous slap on his nape from the tallest male.

"Wooyoung! Can't you see that she's not feeling well?"

He scolded the black-haired male, moving his gaze from Wooyoung to you almost immediately and smiled. He read your mind, because he did exactly what you wanted to do that guy. You smiled back, thanking the red-haired male.

"Thank you, Mingi."

You said, before wrapping your arm around his and started walking towards the entrance of the campus, leaving Wooyoung behind brushing his nape carefully while following you.

He freed his arm from your grip and placed it on your shoulders, drawing you closer to his warm body. It wasn't the first time he did something like this, it was usual for you two to have a lot of body contact.

In the beginning, that side of him, made you feel a little uncomfortable, since you weren't used to it. But with the passing of time, you got used to it and eventually started to like how he showed his affection through body contact in addiction to words.

"Are you okay? Do you need something?"

He asked, while looking down on your pale face with a worried expression. He was tall, really tall, so you had to lift you head up, almost to look at the ceiling to meet his brown eyes and smile tight-lipped.

"I'm okay. It's just a headache."

You replied, laying the back of your head on his chest while continuing on walking towards your class.

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