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You tried your best to hide the red colour on your cheeks when your teacher took off his black jumper in the middle of your kitchen

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You tried your best to hide the red colour on your cheeks when your teacher took off his black jumper in the middle of your kitchen. His pale and toned chest and abdomen appeared in your sight and your cheeks couldn't get more redder. Then, your attention fell on a pink spot on his ribcage, right between the bones.

A heat wave hit you in your chest as soon as you realized where it came from. It was made by his Succubus and your heart shattered into million pieces just at the though that your teacher almost died for the same reason as yours. That was why he immediately recognized the mark you had in your wrist.

You gulped loudly and, with shaky hands, you reached his injury. Probably, he must've hurt himself when Seonghwa threw him against the window.

On the shoulder blade there was a long gash that had small, almost invisible, glass splinters inside. Hoping not to throw up, you extracted them one by one, carefully not to harm Mr. Kang. Meanwhile, San was cleaning the other injury on your teacher's hip.

Deep inside of you, you hoped that San wasn't jealous of Mr. Kang getting touched by you and being shirtless. What you didn't know, was that San wasn't jealous at all and, despite how awkward and weird that situation was, his only though was you finally being his, without any demon in the way ready to kill both of you.

He didn't really care about any other male in the room or in the world. He would've made you his, no matter how long it would've take him or how hard it could get. He almost lost you once, he couldn't afford to risk losing you a second time.

You passed a damp towel on the gash, cleaning the blood that was slowly slipping on the skin of your teacher's back. The injury needed stitches, but you weren't able to put them on. So, you disinfected the gash with some peroxide and covered it with bandages and gauzes.

When San finished cleaning the injury, Mr. Kang slowly stood up, helped by San and Hongjoong, and wore his shirt back. He thanked you and San and, with Hongjoong, Wooyoung and Mingi limped towards the doorway.

Your friends exited the apartment, but your teacher only laid his hand on the doorknob, turning around to look at you and San. He smiled sheepishly and let his eyes swing between you and the male beside you. He was trying to contain a laugh, an embarrassed one. He bit his lower lip when he felt it trembling knees only at the thought of what he was going to say. You and San couldn't be any more confused.

"Miss. Yoon, I know this will sound inappropriate, but..."

He began, scratching his head. A pink tint colored his cheeks and you thought that you had never seen something cuter that that vision. After San, of course.

"No sex for at least a month."

Mr. Kang finished the sentence before hopping savagely out of your apartment. San's scream stopped his jumps and your teacher flinched, realising that it wasn't a clever idea doing it with two fresh gashes.

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