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You reached the campus with short breath

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You reached the campus with short breath. You got closer to your group of friends and supported your body by placing your hands on the trembling knees, as if you ran for kilometres without never stopping, when you just walked a little faster than normal. You felt like a old hag, especially when Wooyoung tried not to laugh.


He simply asked, bending a little so that he could look at you in the face. You threw daggers at him with your stare before straightening your body.

The first thing you noticed was Mingi's worried eyes that were analyzing every movement you were making. You lift your hand, as if to tell him to stop with his river of thoughts.

"I'm fine."

You stated before passing your hand on your forehead to dry the sweat that was dripping. Disgusting.

Hongjoong scoffed and crossed his arms on his chest, looking at you from head to toe.

"You're clearly not fine."

He said. Your friend was right, but that answer annoyed you. You decided to let the conversation fall there, after his statement. Your arm wrapped around Mingi's elbow and started walking towards the cafeteria to buy your coffee.

He pulled you closer with his arm and looked down on you before asking his question. The same question.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

He inquired and you rolled your eyes, a smile ghosted in your lips. You patted his forearm with the palm of your head while giving him a tight-lipped smile, trying to reassure him.

"Yes, Mingi."

You replied, whispering. You chuckled when he scrunched his face, not believing at what you were saying. His lips curled up and his eyes his behind his eyelid, almost disappearing completely.

Then he moved his head to the ceiling and tapped his chin with his long finger, puckering up his lips as if he was pondering hard about something and hummed.

"You know, last time you told me you were fine you passed out in Mr. Kang's arms."

The red-haired male said, making fun of you. You sighed, just remembering that moment made you cringe and blush. Luckily you were unconscious when that happened, otherwise you wouldn't have showed your face in that campus never again.

Then, Mingi spoke again after snapping his fingers, looking like an amazing idea just came up to his mind.

"Or that time when me and Wooyoung were discussing about our tests and you suddenly started to throw up from out of nowhere."

Your eyes rolled again while giggling at how worried and sarcastic he was being, that morning. You couldn't help but finding it funny, even if it was bothering you a little.

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