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The sound of the doorbell echoed in San's house, that afternoon

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The sound of the doorbell echoed in San's house, that afternoon. The male dashed to go open the door while you remained on the couch, curled up on yourself, looking like a ball with your stare lost in the emptiness. In the last few hours, you dozed off frequently but woke up right away when you saw the flames from your nightmare.

You moved your gaze on the four men that entered the living room. Hongjoong, Wooyoung, Mingi, and Mr. Kang carefully analyzed the look on your face and almost shivered when they noticed how pale you were.

Your chest filled with joy, happiness, and relief when you saw them perfectly healthy and, most importantly, alive. With a quick jump, you threw yourself in the arms of the four males, one at a time, basking in their different perfumes and bodies heat. You hugged your teacher, too, and you could feel his body stiffening under your grip, but shortly after he hugged you back, stroking your back. You almost cried.

When you all sat back on the two sofas, silence fell in the room. You didn't know where to start, actually, you didn't even know if you wanted to talk about what happened that night. Telling someone that a demon told you that they got brutally killed by him wasn't easy, nor pleasant, especially when the situation itself was risky.

San, who was sat on your right with his legs crossed, was the first to talk since he noticed that you didn't seem really keen on doing that. He explained to the males what you told him that night. Needless to say that their faces lost their colors and their expression changes into terrified ones. Mingi even gulped loudly. Mr. Kang replied to San's explanation.

"That is what an Incubus normally does. Haunt the person in the sleep until he or she develops mental illnesses like depression and ends up taking his or her own life."

Your eyes widened after hearing your teacher's answer and you could totally understand that. Living without being able to sleep must be tremendously distressing, it was inevitable that someone preferred committing suicide rather than keep on living without being able to rest properly.

Even if it has been barely a day, you found that situation relatable. You couldn't manage to sleep not even for five minutes since the nightmare and you were already feeling your brain going crazy.

Mr. Kang went on with his explanation.

"Though, there are other ways that an Incubus can use to kill its victims. The most used are the ones that I just told you and sexual intercourses."

Your breath hitched in your throat as you hear the last two words. He used that too with you, did that mean that your death was guaranteed?

"Those demons are smart and lustful, so they prefer to have sex rather than just scare someone with nightmares. Now, I don't want to be nosey and I apologize in advance for what I'm going to ask you, Miss. Yoon."

Your eyes met Mr. Kang's and you spot a glimpse of embarrassment on his face. You already knew what he was going to ask you. Your hands started shaking, so you intertwined your fingers to hide your trembling.

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