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Warning: mention of violence

Warning: mention of violence

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He asked, giving you his huge back. You furrowed your eyebrows, not understanding what he meant with that question. You were about to open your mouth to reply, but he preceded you.

"How could you not tell us about that? Not even me?"

He inquired again while turning on his feet to face you. His eyes were dark, cold, and empty. He was hurt. Your eyes widened when you saw the male in that state.

You panted, feeling your breath getting stuck in your throat. You couldn't blame him, he was right, but you were also tired to repeat what you just said a few moments ago because that was the reason. You wanted to protect your friends, was it a wrong thing to do?

"I already said it. I wanted to protect you from him. Why don't you believe me?"

You asked with your voice dry and sharp like a knife. You were tired to repeat always the same thing over and over, was it that hard to believe? Or to understand? You didn't think so.

San scoffed and crossed his arms on his chest, almost as if he was making fun of you. He didn't believe you. Though, he wanted to deem you, but something was telling him not to and he didn't even know what it was. Could it be jealousy? Most likely.

You sighed, afflicted by the fact that no one trusted you that much to believe in what you were saying. For you, this situation was ridiculous and all you wanted to do was leaving. And that was exactly what you did.

You went upstairs to grab your bag, threw inside your clothes, and went back downstairs, every movement under San's attentive stare.

You reached the doorway and grabbed your shoes, starting to put them on. Before going out, you spoke, telling San what you were about to do.

"I'm going home."

You stated. You opened the door and dashed out of the house, without waiting for a response from the male. You started walking down the street at a quick pace, only wanting to go home, take a shower, and sleep.

Deeply inside, you were thankful that San didn't stop you in any way. You didn't want to have a fight and ruin the beautiful relationship you two had since you were little. Though, now you weren't really sure there was just a good friendship, anymore. You both knew that there was something more going on between you two.

Walking at home alone helped you a lot to think. The cold breeze caressed your cheeks and you shivered inside San's hoodie. It had his perfume.

You could understand how uncomfortable and shocked your friends were when they found out about you and Seonghwa and what you two used to do. But that didn't mean they had to doubt you or stop trusting you, because you said the truth, you couldn't lie anymore, there was no reason in doing it.

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