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Mr. Kang moved on his chair, overlapping his legs and laying the hands on his laps. That was his usual pose even when he was in classroom. It made him look more elegant and gracious than he already was.

"From what I just learnt after today, every Incubus or Succubus is different and, consequently, the ritual to banish them."

Wooyoung hummed before asking his question. Something told you that he'll turn that explanation into an interrogatory.

"So, your ritual was different?"

The teacher nodded.

"Yes, maybe not easier, but certainly different."

He replied and added further explanations right after.

"Miss. Yoon, do you know why I asked you if your demon had ever gifted you something?"

He waited for your answer and you just shook your head. And it was true, you didn't know why he asked that. At that moment, you only wanted banish Seonghwa, so you gave him the only thing that he ever gave you. The red rose.

"Incubi and Succubi need to have really strong relationships with their human, in order to complete their duty. Most of the times, they gift a present to their prey and that gift sign the demon's property over the human. However, it also represents a lethal weapon to the demon, since it can be used to banish it."

"My case and your case, Miss. Yoon, were different, but at the same time, quite similar. Though, your demon was more meticulous than mine to hide the gift, because it wasn't the flower in its whole, but only a part of it."

Hongjoong's eyes thrust open as soon as he heard those words, that helped him remember the scene of that day. With his lips slightly parted, he pointed a finger towards the teacher, as if he was at some quiz show.

"The stem! The stem was his gift. That's why it started bleeding when you broke it."

He interrupted Mr. Kang. The white-haired male felt a shock through his spine when he noticed that the teacher was nodding with a satisfied smile on his mouth.

"Exactly, very nice, Mr. Kim. But there's another small detail. The rose had never been his most precious thing. It was something else."

The teacher added, creating an atmosphere of confusion in the room. Everyone had their eyebrows in a frown and were staring at the man that was quietly sipping his tea. It almost seemed as if he wanted to create some suspance.

He placed the cup back on the table, before lifting his eyes to connect them with yours and pointing at you with his long, index finger of his left hand. Something shone on his ring finger, though.


He finally said, freezing everyone's breath and movements after that assumption. You had to tighten your grip on the mug, otherwise it would have crashed on the floor.

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