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"Guys I can't find anything that could help us beaking the board

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"Guys I can't find anything that could help us beaking the board."

Screamed San from the kitchen while scattering different objects, looking for the right and most useful one. The poor male felt useless and ran back in the living room, joining the rest of the group, except for Wooyoung, who was lying on the couch with the ice bag on his ribcage.

Hongjoong had his palms pressed on your stomach and was not really patiently waiting for Mr. Kang's next order, but it wasn't coming.

San, frustrated by the situation and by you who didn't seem to wake up, took the board from Mr. Kang's hands, but stopped right after he saw what there was on the board.

Blood was drying all over the wooden surface in an odd shape, at San's eyes. Looking more closely, he noticed that it wasn't just a strange form. It was the print of your bloody hand that was pressed on the board a few minutes ago, before Seonghwa disappeared.

The male shivered and a gag reflex creeped up in his throat, but he managed to suppress it. Mingi didn't, and San could hear the sound of it behind his back. Shaking his head and trying to shoo that image away from his mind, he smashed the board on the floor and kicked it a couple of times before, finally, breaking it in two.

When everyone thought that nothing happened, here it came the same, cold and strong wind that appeared on the night when everything began. A thin line of black and red smoke with little sparkles came out of crack of the board and started flying all over the house.

To everyone surprise, that smoke didn't come out to make the situation worst, but, on the contrary, it fixed everything that was destroyed or ruined during that evening. The table that flew in the living room after Seonghwa threw it, flipped back in the kitchen and gently laid on the floor.

The dishes that you broke came back to their places in a tidy way. Same thing for the window that shattered into million pieces when Mr. Kang hit it with his back and almost flew out of it.

Ending its travel, the smoke reached your body and wrapped it completely, hiding your figure to your friends who immediately started panicking. Hongjoong was the calmest one, since it could still feel the fabric of your vest and shirt under his palms. As long as he could still feel you, he was quiet and relieved.

When the smoke disappeared, it flew where Seonghwa's body was still burning and enveloped it before making it disappear into thin air and dragging it into the crack of the board.

All of your friends gasped when they managed to see your body again on the floor and completely clean from the blood of your injury. In the meantime, Wooyoung joined the rest of the group, breathing erratically for the pain due to his broken rib, that got alleviated thanks to that smoke.

They waited for you to wake up, their faces were getting closer and closer to yours, impatient to see your eyes open again. They flinched and gasped, Wooyoung louder than the others, when your eyes thrusted open and your lips parted to inhale and exaggerated amour of air.

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