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"Someone's happy

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"Someone's happy."

Began Wooyoung while coming up beside you to pinch your cheek between his fingers. You complained and slapped his hands to beg him to let you go.

When he finally abandoned your cheek, you immediately moved your hand to massage the red spot to alleviate the pain. The black-haired male chuckled at your expression.

"Then? How did the dinner go?"

He asked giving you a tight-lipped smile. He was so curious to know what happened. He had already texted San for the details, but the male still hadn't replied. Wooyoung wanted to know how the dinner went from both sides, from you and San.

Meanwhile, you reached the cafeteria and Wooyoung bought his Americano and started sipping it slowly since it was scalding.

"Pretty good. I spoke to San's father after a long time. He didn't change, always so focused on his company and his son, but a funny man, also."

You explained, surrounding the paper glass full of coffee with your fingers. You and Wooyoung, moved from the counter to a window close by, waiting for your friends to come. He hummed and took a sip of his drink.

"And San and I kissed."

You whispered, your lips brushing the edge of the paper glass, ready to take a sip and hoping that your friend didn't hear you.

Wooyoung choked on his coffee and coughed while cleaning his mouth with the back of his hand. Then, he moved his eyes to meet yours, but you didn't want to meet his stare, so you focused your attention on a chair that was nearby.

The black-haired male stared at you with his green eyes and mouth wide open. You weren't brave enough to look at him, so you scratched your eyebrow to cover yourself from him.


He shouted as usual. You quickly hushed him, placing your hand on his mouth and looking around to see if anyone heard him. Luckily, the few students that were in the cafeteria that morning threw rapid glances at you but went back with what they were doing right after.

You sighed and removed your hand from Wooyoung's face, whose expression didn't change.

"Did you two really kiss?"

He asked whispering, your eyes, this time, connected with his. You gulped and nodded imperceptibly whereas tossing your paper glass in the trash can.

Suddenly, you felt lighter and your feet weren't in touch with the ground. Wooyoung lifted you by wrapping his arms around your waist and held you tight to not let you fall. He was screaming again, this time for happiness.

You squeaked while he rotated a couple of times with you in his grip before putting you down with a huge smile on his face. He opened his mouth again, ready to say something but was interrupted by Hongjoong, who was walking towards you with Mingi by his side.

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