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"The board is gone

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"The board is gone."

Said Hongjoong without even looking at someone in the eyes. He felt like his soul left his body when he opened the locker and found it empty. Or rather, the locker was half closed, but he would have never thought that someone actually broke it open.

Wooyoung, Mingi and San jumped from the chairs and shouted agitated "What?!". As for you, you just froze on your seat and stopped breathing for a brief second.

Why? Why would someone stole a Ouija board? That question immediately hit you, since Hongjoong did the same thing almost a month ago to summon a demon. Did that mean that someone else want to evoke and Incubus?

Mr. Kang's usual blank expression changed into a surprised one, with his eyes wide open.

Mingi was the first one to talk after gulping loudly and panting for a second, indecisive whether to talk or not.

"What do you mean gone?"

He asked, his voice shaking. He didn't really want to know the the real answer to his question, yet he wanted to know more.

"Someone stole it."

Replied quickly Hongjoong, his eyes shaking when he lifted them to meet Mingi's stare.

The teacher sighed and rubbed his face with his hands, frustrated by the situation. He was cursing every youngster for being so stupid to be attracted to something so dangerous like a demonic board. They've watched too many horror movies.

Mr. Kang clicked his tongue before sticking his hands together in front of his face as if he was praying.

"Don't panic. The board can't be too far from here. Mr. Kim, I suggest you check at home, maybe you forgot it there and were sure you took it to the campus. As for the others... Keep your eyes open, maybe one of the students stole it."

Wooyoung groaned loudly, attracting all the attention on himself. His mouth was slightly open and his expression seemed a frustrated one. The palms of his hands were flat open. You could clearly see that he was tired of everything that was happening and just wanted all of that to end. Moreover, the male was an impatient type of person, so waiting wasn't his best skill. He was on the verge of giving up and you couldn't blame him, not after the news Hongjoong just gave you.

"This is ridiculous."

He stated, his voice weirdly calm and cold. Before anyone could say a word, the black-haired male marched towards the door and, after shoving his shoulder against Hongjoong's, stepped out of the room, leaving the rest of the group upset.

Hongjoong, who was massaging the shoulder that just got hit by his friend, followed the latter with his eyes, a discouraged expression washed over his face.

Mingi hit the table with his fist, gaining a jolt and a squeak from you for his sudden reaction. He wasn't the type of guy that got mad easily, in fact, that reaction made you wonder if you had ever seen him angered. However, this was a delicate situation for everyone, not only for Wooyoung or you.

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