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The four of you were walking down the street that lead to San's house

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The four of you were walking down the street that lead to San's house. On your sides, there were Mingi and Hongjoong that, from time to time, asked you if everything was good or if you needed help with your study.

Behind you, there were San and Wooyoung who kept asking your childhood friend if he had already slept with you. San's face was the same color as a tomato and tried to change the topic. Wooyoung, however, didn't seem to give up that easily.

"Then why did you take her to your house? Hm? You naughty boy."

He joked, making San blushing even harder. Mingi stopped his steps and sighed before turning around to face the male with green eyes. He was about to explode.

"Hey, why do you care so much about the sex life of others? You're the naughty boy here."

Declared pointing his long finger at Wooyoung. This was their friendship. They might look like they hated each other, but they didn't. They just had completely different characters: Wooyoung was more extrovert and savage whereas Mingi was introvert and shy. Though they compensated each other, because the red-haired male was the only one who could shut Wooyoung up, and Wooyoung was the only one who could help Mingi to come out of his insecurities.

"I'm just asking since I noticed that Areum has been acting strange lately. She's more relaxed and cheerful, but also more tired and wasted and I was trying to understand what was going on with her."

The blood in your veins froze as soon as he pronounced those words. Was I so easy to read? San and Hongjoong became interested in the conversation, finding it suddenly interesting. All of your friends looked at you, analyzing every detail of your face and body and you soon became embarrassed.

Hongjoong looked at you in the eyes and you could almost catch a glimpse of a growing grin in his mind. He tried his best to not show it, moving his attention elsewhere, but you knew that this information was a little win for him to prove that you were really being haunted by an Incubus.

San, on the other side, was confused and grieved. You were fully aware of his feeling for you, even if he never confessed them, though, by just looking at his expression at that moment, you realized how strong they were, those feelings. Your heart broke into million pieces seeing him in that state and you felt the sense of guilt growing in your chest.

You couldn't see Mingi's and Wooyoung's faces because they were behind you, and you were scared to meet their inquiring eyes.

The red-haired male was the first to cut the tension of that moment by clicking the tongue against the palate and for you, it was like starting to breathe again.

"What are you, a sexologist? Goddammit, Jung Wooyoung. Leave her be."

He replied, clicking his tongue and starting to walk again. San and Hongjoong followed him. It took you a while before moving your feet. Mingi was right: you could do whatever you wanted to with your feelings and body. If you wanted to have sex with Seonghwa then you'll do it, there was nothing wrong with that, right? No, since you weren't harming any of the people you love the most.

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