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Hongjoong sighed for the umpteenth time, that morning

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Hongjoong sighed for the umpteenth time, that morning. He kept moving his plate in front of you so that you could eat. After that little episode in the bathroom, your hunger disappeared and you were scared to throw up again. Though your friends insisted that you had to eat, something light, but you had to put something under your teeth.

"You lost a lot of energies. You should eat."

Claimed Hongjoong while resting his chin on the palms of his hands, staring at you and waiting for your next move.

You lifted your eyes from the plate to your white-haired friend and he smiled, hoping to reassure you that you would feel better. You shook your head slowly.

"I don't feel like it."

You replied, moving away the dish from your sight. The food was bothering you only by looking at it. Hongjoong clicked his tongue annoyed before shaking his head and focus on his food.

You rested your head on the table, surrounding it with your arms and using them as a pillow. A deep breath left your lips as you closed your eyes, feeling the stress slipping out from you. At that moment you wished you were in your bed, buried under your blankets and... With Seonghwa beside you.

You involuntarily smile but it faded away quickly when you remembered that tonight you were having dinner with your parents and San and his father. Your head shot up, which wasn't a wide move since a tingling pain hit your head right where there was your temple. You hissed for the pain and squeezed shut your eyes.

"Yah, you shouldn't do that!"

Screamed no other than Wooyoung before slapping your elbow. Hongjoong and Mingi glared at him as if they were about to choke the black-haired male. Hongjoong hit the boy with his fingers on the forehead, scolding him without bothering talking.

You almost forgot about the dinner. Though you really didn't feel like eating all of the food your mom prepared, your stomach wasn't ready yet. So, you sighed and stood up from the chair of the cafeteria and picked up your bag.

"I'm going home."

You announced without giving any other explanation. Your friends didn't say anything, which was weird. Last time you said that you were going out for dinner they literally devastated you with questions and tips on how to win a boy's heart, but you were going to eat pizza with your parents, so no boy.

You threw a glance at them, checking if they heard what you had just said or if they suddenly became deaf. And, once you noticed the smirks on their lips, you realized that they knew. As you were about to ask the question, Mingi interrupted you, answering your doubt.

"San told us about tonight's dinner. He can't wait for it."

Smiled Mingi. Ah, that guy. You smiled involuntarily, sharing San's feeling. You were excited too for that dinner, even if it wasn't anything important or formal. Just a dinner between friends and colleagues. And that made you even more confused about your feelings towards San. You weren't sure if there was something more than just a friendship or not and you hoped that tonight's dinner could help you understand something more.

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