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The grass was too tall for you to walk properly

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The grass was too tall for you to walk properly. You had to lift your legs as if you were trying to overstep a rock wall. You didn't know where you were, the only thing you were sure about was that you had left the city and were wandering in a countryside.

Hongjoong had the board under his right arm, while Mr. Kang was carrying a bag full of you didn't know what. Wooyoung was the only one complaining about the bugs that kept flying in front of his face and Mingi was doing nothing to help him. San, in the meantime, was beside you as always.

Your teacher stopped his steps when he thought that you were far away enough from people to see and he turned around, finally explaining what you were about to do.

"We have to break the Ouija board."

He began and looked amused when he noticed the frustrated expressions in your face and in your friends'.


Whined San, stomping his feet on the ground and producing loud thuds with his Vans. Mr. Kang struggled to keep a laugh, so he let out just a short giggle.

"Mr. Choi I know how hard that board is, but, to prevent any sort of curse to lay on you and eat your soul, we have to destroy it, pour holy water on it and bury it."

Your teacher explained, letting the bag that he was carrying swing in front of your eyes, as to say that everything you needed was inside it.

Wooyoung scoffed, his head falling back to look at the sky even if he had his eyes closed. From his lips escaped an embittered laugh.

"Will this story ever going to end?"

Asked rhetorically the black-haired male, before walking towards Mr. Kang to grab the hammer to break the board. Hongjoong laid the board on the ground and looked at Wooyoung, amused to see his friend getting ready and impatient to put and end to that situation.

Wooyoung stretched his neck, shoulders and legs and lifted the hammer with both of his hands. Then he smashed it on the wooden surface of the board after screaming a curse.

The board didn't even scratch and it made Mingi slap a hand on his forehead loudly. He stole the hammer from Wooyoung's hands.

"You girl."

Mingi made fun of Wooyoung. He repeated the same movements the black-haired male did a few minutes before but even in that case the board didn't earn a scratch.

"Hmpf, you girl."

Mimicked Wooyoung. Mingi lifted the hammer again, ready to hit his black-haired friend, but without hurting him. He just wanted to scare him so that he could shut his mouth up.

"You're all girls."

Screamed a voice from behind your group. You all turned around to see Choi Jongho elegantly stepping through the tall grass producing rustling sound whenever his feet moved to take another step. He had his hands hidden in the pockets of his long, black coat and was smiling tight-lipped.

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