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San moved on his feet, agitated to put into action that method to banish your Incubus

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San moved on his feet, agitated to put into action that method to banish your Incubus.

"What is it?"

He asked, impatient to start this ritual, in order for you to be free again. His eyebrows were furrowed together in a worried expression, probably hoping that everything went well.

Mr. Kang sighed. He was so indecisive, disheartened and scared to try that ritual. Mostly because he didn't have any assurance that it will work with you in the same way it worked with him.

"There's a small chance that the ritual to banish this Incubus is the same one that I used to exile mine."

Wooyoung's face lighten up at the sound of those words. He partly ignored what the teacher just said at the beginning of his sentence, that is that there were small chances for the ritual to be the same as his.

His mind only focused on the rest of the statement, leaving his optimistic side take over his body and numbing his rational thoughts.

"Then, let's do that!"

He screams with his eyebrows lifted and his hands that hit the table in synchro. The poor Mingi jolted when his black-haired friend slammed his hand on the surface of the kitchen. He was already scared just at the thought of meeting a real Incubus and that made him getting lost in his thoughts and worries.

He raised a hand, ready to hit Wooyoung, but the latter was quicker and dodged the slap on his head. He managed to avoid it because Mingi was on the opposite side of the table, otherwise that slam would have echoed in the whole apartment.

"Why you never listen? He just said that he's not sure if it will work!"

Mingi scolded the smaller male. Wooyoung pouted with arrogance and took advantage of the red-haired male's hand in mid air to smack it, as a revenge for trying to do that to him.

Mingi clicked his tongue, annoyed by his friend behaviour. He wanted to slap him on the nape as usual, but decided to let him win, for this time. Plus, there were the rest of the group that were looking at them with a tired expression.

Hongjoong let out a disheartened sigh while running his hand in his hair nervously and moving on his feet in small circles.

"Maybe we should wait a-"


You interrupted him, your voice louder than you expected that made you surprised of yourself. All the males around the table moved their stares on you, eyes widened and shocked by what you just did.

You weren't a loud person like Wooyoung, so it was weird for them to hear you raising your voice like that.

But you didn't care about it, at the moment. And soon, they'll understand, too.

Just the thought of telling them, made your eyes burn and your throat clench. In another moment, probably, you would've avoided that topic, but you promised to yourself to not lie to them anymore, because there was no reason for doing it.

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