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You were sitting in a bar, at one of the tables close to the windows

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You were sitting in a bar, at one of the tables close to the windows. San was beside you and, next to him, Jongho. On the other side of the table, there were Mingi, Wooyoung, and Hongjoong. Yunho decides that it was better if he left, but he didn't save his comments.

In fact, after Mr. Kang announced that it was the end of that ridiculous and weird story, Yunho looked at every one of your group, dumbfounded and with eyes widened, incredulous at what his eyes were seeing. He, then, scoffed and left with a simple "you're all crazy." At which you laughed your hearts out.

You were chit-chatting with your friends while waiting for Mr. Kang. He didn't follow you straight to the bar. He said that he wanted to introduce someone to you and that he had to pass by his house. You were excited to know who that person was and, for that reason, you were jumping on the sofa where you were sat on. San was looking at you, amused to see you so happy and careless after a long time.

Hongjoong was trying to help Wooyoung and Jongho getting along, but apparently it was harder than he expected. Those two didn't seem to want to get along in any way. They'd rather keep kicking their legs from under the table.

The bell of the entrance door of the bar tingled, signaling that someone had just entered the shop. The sound of heels clicking against the wall made you turned around, and, in a blink of an eye, Mr. Kang was in front of your table and next to him there was a beautiful woman.

She had long, black hair that was gently falling on her shoulders, her hazel eyes were shining while smiling and bowing a little when she faced your group. Her lips were plump and colored with a dark red that matched her brown midi dress perfectly. She looked at all of you and placed a strand of hair behind her hear while smiling sheepishly.

Mr. Kang had his hand wrapped around her waist and cleared his voice before introducing her to you.

"Guys, I present you Jieun, my wife."

He said, a red tint appeared on your teacher's cheeks while he moved his stare on his wife, smiling sweetly at her.

Jieun bowed again, her eyes closed into small crescents.

"It's my pleasure to meet all of you."

You smiled her back, enchanted by her beauty. Her skin tone looked even paler with the contrast of the lip shade and you thought it suited her amazingly.

Your attention was stolen by her hand that traveled down to her stomach without lifting it from her body. And it was there that you noticed something that made your heart skip a beat and your eyes glossy.

You squeaked and moved on your seat.

"Mr. Kang, you're going to be a dad!"

You screamed and yelped while clapping your hands on the verge of crying. You covered your mouth with your hands and San had to put his hands on your shoulder to keep you still.

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