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So, where to begin?

I really would've never expected to receive so much love and support for this story.

On this platform I met so many beautiful and precious people that lighten my days up with their support and their sweet words (and sometimes threats hehet), you're my happiness and my motivation.

I wrote this book just for fun and because I wanted to someone to listen to what happens in my strange mind and to share some of my ideas and emotions. Though, I would've never thought that someone can actually listen to what I was babbling about.

Writing, for me, is like letting my heart take control over my brain and shout words, thoughts, problems and ideas that I would never share with someone because I'm scared to not being understood.

When I started writing this fanfiction, I was scared to be unappreciated, maybe because it's not the typical love story between a human and a demon or maybe because it's predictable, for some people, or maybe because I can't express some emotions or situations because I'm not really good at writing in English. Or maybe because it's just wack, which is fine, everyone has their opinion!

Despite a lot of insecurities, writers' block and many doubts on whether this story would have ever come to an end without making me question if it was worth it or not, you guys helped me a lot with my self-confidence and self-esteem and I really needed it!

And I will never thank you enough for that. You were always there for me in my darkest moments, cheering me up with your comments that made me laugh until I cry and cry until I fall asleep for how happy, content and satisfied I was.

I felt like someone actually listened not to my mind, but to my heart, which was something I really necessitated.

I wish I was able to write better thanks, but my cold-hearted side always win over my affectionate one, but trust me when I say that I was crying while publishing my last update and when I wrote this. One of my next goal will be learning how to express my feelings better! Hehet.

I hope you'll stick with me with my new book that it's coming out and with all the stories that I'm going to write in the future! I already have some in my drafts that, as always, I'm scared to publish because of the same reasons I just wrote, since some of them are a little controversial and maybe not a lot of people would appreciate, but, as I said, it's fine, everyone has their own tastes!

I will take a small hiatus, that is a week, maybe two, to make sure that I'm happy and fully satisfied with how Succubus is coming out and to have enough chapters to feed you three times a week, same days.

Once I'll be ready to publish the first chapter, if you still haven't add Succubus to your library, you'll receive a notification on this story where I gave you small hints about the prequel!

Again, I could never thank you enough for your support and your love you show me everyday under every post I share and in every chapter I publish.

I couldn't ask for better readers.

Much love,
-Sara ☽︎

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