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"Areum! We're at home!"

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"Areum! We're at home!"

Your parents. You threw a quick glance to the clock on the grey wall of the living room. They were early.

You jump away from Seonghwa, falling ruinously on the floor on your back and you immediately felt your breath blocking in your throat. You hissed, caressing your back to alleviate the pain but of course it didn't work. The demon chuckled before disappearing into a cloud of black and red smoke and flying behind the door of the living room.

You quickly grabbed your jumper, wore it and stood up to go meet your parents. You smiled and helped them with the bags full of food of the shopping.


You said putting the bags on the table. That was way too much food for just three people and it wasn't even Christmas.

"What's with all of this food?"

You asked starting to emptying the six bags of the supermarket. Rice, beef, chicken, vegetables. What was going on here?

"San and his father are going to have dinner with us tomorrow. It's been a long time since all five of us were together, so what's a better occasion than a dinner?"

Your mom replied giggling and with a huge smile on her mouth. You gulped loudly, freezing on your feet, immediately thinking at Seonghwa's reaction when he would find it out. You thought about not telling him, but it was impossible, since he basically lived in your house and so, he was aware of what was going on, always.

No, you couldn't have dinner here. Seonghwa won't like San in this house again. Hence why, you had to try convince your parents to change the location for the dinner.

"Why here? Isn't a restaurant better? I think that we should cha-"

"No. We're not going to change the location, if this is what you're about to ask."

You pouted at your dad, who listened this small conversation and didn't say anything. Then, you tried with your father, hoping that he would listen to his only beloved daughter.

"Dad? A restaurant is better, right?"

You asked with a smile as an attempt to look convincing. He shook his head, tightening the lips into a thin line.

"No, sorry baby, but I think it's better here, in our apartment. It reminds a lot of the good, old times when you and San were little. That's why we will eat here."

You sighed. There was no way to change their mind and certainly you couldn't ask San to not come, it would be too suspicious. In the end, you had to speak to Seonghwa, begging him to not get angry tomorrow evening, something impossible for him to do, but at least he would try.

When all the bags were empty, you went to the bathroom for a shower and Seonghwa was there, sat on the counter that smiled at you. His smiles soon disappeared when he noticed your worried and sad expression and dashed to you.

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