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San shook you a couple of times, before screaming his question to surpass the noise of your breathing and cries

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San shook you a couple of times, before screaming his question to surpass the noise of your breathing and cries.


You stopped for a second.

It was just a nightmare.

Your eyes glued on the male's face, incredulous that he was still alive. San was scared to death by your sudden screaming and crying, he thought that your Incubus was actually in his house.

Your hands reached his cheeks, caressing them with your thumbs as if you wanted to be one hundred percent sure that he was really beside you and not a nightmare again. When you felt his hot skin and his heart beating fast, you were finally convinced that he was real.


You stuttered, your tears cutting your cheeks for how steamy they were. Your sobs became louder than before. The male gasped and pulled you in his arms, holding you close as if his life depended on you, holding on to you for dear life.

His fingers traveled through your hair, massaging the dermis while his other hand tightened the grip on the hoodie you were wearing.

You held on his shoulder blades while you were dunking his white t-shirt with your tears.


You exclaimed, never being so happy. He was there, he was alive. Seonghwa lied. San nodded.

"I'm here, baby. I'm here."

He murmured in your ear, gently caressing your back to try to calm your breathing down. It was painful for him to feel you shaking in his arms.

He felt powerless, he hadn't been able to protect you the way he promised to his friends and Mr. Kang. If he failed on his duty, he would never forgive it to himself.

He took your body back on the mattress, without letting you go from his grip. Your face was now pressed on his chest, and you deeply inhaled his scent, feeling back home and safe.

San kept whispering long "shh" in your ear and that helped you calming down a lot. His hot body was soothing for you at that moment, you were grateful to yourself for asking him to let you sleep in his bed. Of course, you were also grateful for the fact that San accepted your request even if that embarrassed him, at the beginning.

"What happened? Did you have a nightmare?"

He asked, his deep voice was a lullaby for you. You drew small circles on the fabric of his t-shirt, hesitant whether to tell him the truth and what happened in the nightmare or just deny.

But then you came to the conclusion that he deserved to know what was going on, at the moment. You promised yourself to tell your friends the whole story, avoiding the details, and to not lie to them anymore.

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