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Six months have passed since that lunch all together

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Six months have passed since that lunch all together. Some things changed, or better, some people have changed. Not in a bad way, though, more like in a way that you never expected, but for the better.

San finally got his degree and he threw a huge party where all of you attended, except for your teacher. Inside that house, that night, there was every type of alcohol and snacks and you wondered where your boyfriend bought them. It didn't matter, though, since you and your friends basically drank everything you found on the table, ending up drunk and sleeping on the ground at San's house. And also, a terrible headache that lasted for three days and no one of your college mates attended any lessons in those three days, which made Mr. Kang worried and angry.

Mingi was working on his scaredy-cat side and he decided to start that journey in an original way: with bugs. He decided to start with one of the things that scared him the most, which were bugs of all kinds. He tried to touch them or let them walk on his hands. At the moment, that experiment wasn't producing any relevant result, since he was running through the whole campus and screaming like a little girl under everyone's sight. Moreover, he tried with haunted houses, because he thought that, since he met with a real demon, he wouldn't be frightened by some fake ones. And he was wrong, obtaining the exact opposite result. The fear of what a demon was capable of haunted him and every time he met one, he remembered Seonghwa and his dark aura. You always thought that his methods were "weak" and useless, but he insisted on trying them and, apparently, they weren't working.

Wooyoung was the one who wasn't working on anything except for his exams. He said that he didn't need any change in his life and that he was perfect the way he was. The only thing that he was trying to learn, was to curse less, but, as soon as he said it, the poor Mingi tripped on his feet while running away from a bug and fell on the black-haired male, who started cursing the red-haired male's life and his future sons.

Hongjoong took an important decision: giving up on his interest for black magic and dark stuff. When you went to his house, you found him placing every book about that topic inside many boxes. That surprised you a lot and, when you asked the reason, he gave you the simplest answer you could ever imagine.

"Black magic and demons almost killed us, during these past months. I think it's better for everyone's safety if I'm far away from these books and films, for a long time. I don't want to put another of my friend's life in danger."

He replied and what confused you was that he pronounced those words with a smile on his lips and you could understand if it was a happy and relieved or just a disheartened one.

You didn't even realize the pout that grew on your mouth until you heard your white-haired friend giggling at you. He walked closer to your figure and ruffled your hair, making you protest.

"Don't be sad, I know how much fun you had with Seonghwa and I'm sorry if I ruined everything. However, you have San, now."

He said, sarcasm dripping from every word he pronounced. He will bring that story up whenever he felt like it and whenever there was a need to threaten you, obviously joking, he wasn't that evil, after all.

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