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Warning: mention of violence and blood.

Warning: mention of violence and blood

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Mr. Kang was holding the red rose that Seonghwa gave you the first night you two met. Until that moment, everything seemed fine, but when you moved your eyes on his fingers, you felt your blood freeze in your veins.

Between his index and thumb there was one of the petals, that, just as Mingi previously said, was pink and not that beautiful red colour.

Your eyes widened at that sight and could already feel the tears burning behind your eyes.


You asked stuttering and with the tears cutting your cheeks. Your breath became heavier and slower, your throat clenched while searching for fresh air.

You couldn't understand why he did that. You also told him that if he plucked out a petal, he would've summoned the demon, then why did he do that? He didn't even seem sorry for that.

Mingi and Wooyoung were dead worried, their eyes were wide open and their lips parted, not believing at what was happening in front of them. Wooyoung was about to move his fingers from the planchette, ready to grab Mr. Kang's collar of the shirt, but Hongjoong stopped him, raising his voice.

"No, don't lift your fingers. The ritual won't complete if all of us interrupt the contact."

Wooyoung had to fight the urge to punch the teacher right on that gracious face of his. Going back to the board with his fingers, he focused his attention on it, trying to keep an eye on you, at the same time.

Mr. Kang let the first petal fall on the floor, at his feet, and his fingers were already back on the second one. Your eyes were, now, closed, getting ready for another wave of pain.

And there it came, stabbing your heart with thousands knives and cutting your oxygen. You didn't know what was happening and why your teacher was doing it, but the only thing you had to do was to trust him and, despite the pain, you did it.

Mr. Kang spoke, his voice was far away, muffled by the pain that you were feeling. He was just following what his instinct was telling him, even if it wasn't the right time to let his feelings command him.

Though, that was the most similar technique he had used when he had to banish his Succubus. His health conditions were slightly different, but, in the end, he managed to free himself from her.

"Miss. Yoon, I'm so sorry for all the pain that I'm giving you, but this is the only way we had to summon and banish him. I need you to trust me."

You only nodded, all of your strengths had left your body and it surprised you how you could still stand up. Your hands were shaking uncontrollably and so your knees.

Your teacher plucked out another petal and the pain grew stronger and heavier in your chest. You only want it to end, at that moment. The pain was unbearable. The only thing that could be heard in your kitchen was your sobs, since Hongjoong had finished saying the phrases for the ritual.

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