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Not even a words came out of your mouth

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Not even a words came out of your mouth. You didn't even know what to think about what was going on that afternoon. First, the Incubus that was haunting you for over a month confessed to you; second, your best friend just showed up at your place without even being invited. Not that you weren't happy, just you weren't ready.

"Yo, Areum."

He waved his small, but still bigger than yours, hand with the nail of his pinky finger coloured in white, just like his hair.

You gasped, before managing to put together a complete and meaningful sentence.

"Hey, Hongjoong!"

You smile forcibly, moving on your left side to let your friend enter the house and take off his shoes. Once the door was locked again, you lead Hongjoong to the kitchen, but you suddenly froze on your step as soon as you remembered that Seonghwa was till in there.

Your arm extended on its own, trying to reach Hongjoong to stop him, but your finger lightly brushed against his skin, without even touching it properly. So, you dashed in the kitchen and found Seonghwa leaned with his back against the kitchen counter, right where you were preparing some tea for you two, just a few minutes ago.

Hongjoong walked in the room and emitted a small squeak with his mouth before clapping his hands and turning his head in your direction.

"You made tea! Can I have some, too?"

He asked, smiling like a child when is begging their parents to buy a new toy. It took you a while to reply to a trivial question like that. However, in that exact same moment, you noticed that Hongjoong didn't see Seonghwa, who was standing right in front of the two cups of tea that you made. You yourself couldn't see them in the first place, since his body was blocking your sight.

Your jaw almost hit the floor, you couldn't believe at what was happening in that moment. Hongjoong wasn't able to see Seonghwa. This news made you feel light and less worried, but most importantly, happy because that meant that your white-haired friend had never met an Incubus before.

It was right the demon the one who helped you re-emerging from your thoughts with a clear of throat. You closed your mouth and gave Hongjoong a smile, stretching out your arm towards the two cups.

"Help yourself!"

You said before watching your friend getting closer and closer to your Incubus. Seonghwa clicked his tongue against his palate, upset by the presence of someone else in the house, and elegantly slipped away from his place, letting Hongjoong grab the glasses. The demon observed every single action your white-haired friend did and also how he looked like. He grunted as the male took his cup away from him and began drinking the tea.

Hongjoong gave you your cup and you smiled, thanking him and suggesting to get comfortable on the sofa in the living room. He followed you (and Seonghwa, too) and sat on the couch, sighing as if he had walked mile and miles on foot.

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