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The huge mansion dominated over you and your group of friends

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The huge mansion dominated over you and your group of friends. Your heads were up and looking at the walls painted in a coral, orange colour. The white half-pilasters were decorated with acanthus leaves and coils at the top, while the bases were simple and smooth.

The windows were huge and elongated, their perimeter delineated with the same adornment as the columns. Through the transparent glasses, the white and luxuriously embroided curtains could be spotted and you bet that they were expensive.


Wooyoung began, lowering his head to look at you that were standing by his right side, after Mingi.

"Why are we here?"

He then asked. The rest of the group bowed his head almost at the same time and waited for your reply, since you didn't give any explanation to them. You just dragged the five males in front of the huge villa towering before you.

You started fidgeting, the nervousness was taking control over your body and all the self-confidence that was filling your body up until that moment, suddenly left, leaving you weak and hesitant.

You bit your lip and opened your mouth to talk and to explain the reason why you were there.

"It's just a supposition, but I think that this guy might be the one who stole the board or, at least, knows where it can be."

You quickly explained, hoping that your friends would understand your theory and not starting to think that you became dumb.

There was a silence that lasted for a few seconds before being abruptly interrupted by Wooyoung's laugh. You sighed, thinking that, probably, taking the boys there and came up with an explanation like the one you just gave, wasn't a brilliant idea. You accepted that laughs because you deserved them.

But then, Hongjoong scolded the black-haired male, managing to drown his voice out and giving him a stern stare when Wooyoung winced.

"She may be right. After all, we took it from here during that party."

Replied Hongjoong while nodding in agreement. You gifted him a tight-lipped smile, silently thanking him for his support.

You decided that, maybe, a further explanation might convince the rest of the group that the board they were looking for was in the huge mansion, so you added the main reason that suggested you to go there.

"Plus, four days ago I saw him in the cafeteria talking to a guy, Yunho, and he was wearing his usual backpack, but it had a strange shape. It was rectangular and so I thought that maybe he stole the board that day."

You added before biting your lower lip. You hoped that all you said until now made just a little bit of sense. When you heard the other males humming and nodding, a sense of relief surfaced in your chest and an involuntary smile appeared on your mouth.

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