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When you told him that everything was alright and that you would've reached him soon, San didn't really leave

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When you told him that everything was alright and that you would've reached him soon, San didn't really leave. No. He pretended to stomp his feet on the floor, backing away from the door a little making you believe that he went downstairs. But he stayed right where he was.

San heard everything. And by everything you meant everything. And, the worst part was that he knew the situation you were in. Hongjoong told him his doubts and his certainties.

The brown-haired male didn't even know demons existed, so the poor Hongjoong had to explain everything from the start. San wasn't really sure if his white-haired friend was serious or just drunk, but he decided to give it a try.

And when he heard your voice, (and moans) the blood in his veins froze and instantly pulled his phone out of the pocket to text Hongjoong.

Hyung, Areum is in the bathroom and... Strange noises

He wrote quickly, too embarrassed to write the word "moan". A few seconds before, Hongjoong replied.

Noises like? Tell me it's not what I think it is

San nodded and when he remembered that his friend couldn't see him, he typed the answer.

Yes... What do I do?

He was starting to panic, afraid that the demon might seriously hurt you. Plus, he probably just had the confirmation that an Incubus was really after you and your life.

There's nothing you can do. You can't see him. For now, just leave and act like nothing happened, later you'll tell me what she said

And so did San, dashing down the stairs when he felt you hit the climax, trying to shoo away the sensation he was feeling down inside his pants.

☆──────═══• ☽ ☼ ☾ •════──────☆

San was really sweet and caring during your stay at his place. He never left your side and was always there when you were eating and studying and you were grateful for that, since he helped with your projects and homework. But most importantly he helped you what happened in his bathroom. Just the thought of it made you feel dirty and disgusting.

You insisted on going back home after you two finished dinner, that same day. San, that was more stubborn than you, locked the door and all the windows hiding the key where only he knows where. So, you decided to give up.

On the second day of your stay, you literally begged him to let you go. You obtained what you wanted only at nine in the evening, after he checked five times your fever in every way possible. You smiled and started jumping on the place when he gave you his permission. It's not that you didn't want to stay with him, because he was so loving to be with. You just wanted to keep him safe from Seonghwa's anger. If he wanted to destroy someone, that had to be you and none of your friends or parents.

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