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Hongjoong gulped when he heard Joo-Hyuk pronouncing that sentence

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Hongjoong gulped when he heard Joo-Hyuk pronouncing that sentence. It didn't help him, instead, that helped his already smothering sense of guilt grow to the point where he was on the verge of tears. But he didn't give up to that feeling. He did it for you.

"Unluckily, I perfectly know what I did. I was the one suggesting to make that ritual to summon a demon, but I would've never thought that it could end up like this."

He confessed while lowering his head and throwing a quick glance at you. You noticed that move, so you reached out for his hand and intertwined your fingers with his and giving him a smile to comfort him.

He looked at you with a surprised expression, not expecting at all that reaction from you. In the end, it was his fault if you were about to die.

Jongho scoffed and shook his head. Wooyoung glared at him, ready to fight again and without thinking about it twice or without regrets.

"I really don't understand you. First of all, you came to my house and stole our Ouija board."

Began the boy while lifting his index finger to help himself counting. But before he could go on with the next point, Wooyoung interrupted him.

"Actually, you invited us to your party."

He replied before giving Jongho a sarcastic, tight-lipped smile. The boy threw daggers with his eyes and decided to ignore him and continuing with his list.

"Secondly, you use the board to summon a demon for fun without knowing that you actually evoked it."

Wooyoung opened his mouth to answer again, but his sounds were covered by Mingi's huge hand that slapped against the male's mouth, making him closing it.

The black-haired male licked the palm of the hand and the red-haired male chuckled and shook his head, telling him that that trick didn't work on him.

"Thirdly, you accuse me of being the thief of the board that I own."

Wooyoung was exploding on his couch. It was hard for him to not talk for that long, especially when there was someone he didn't like that was acting like an asshole right in front of him.

The male started moving his arms towards Jongho, with the aim of catching him by his shiny and perfectly parted in the middle, black hair. Luckily for him and for everyone else in the room, Mingi was holding Wooyoung still on the couch, with one arm wrapped around his body and the other still on his mouth.

Mr. Kang sighed as he brushed his fingers on his forehead, tired of Wooyoung's attitude. Jongho gave him a puzzled look before going on.

"And last, but not least, you barged into my house telling me that you need the Ouija board because your friend is dying."

The boy concludes after lifting four of his fingers. You and your group hummed together, silently telling him that he had understood the whole story correctly.

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