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You sighed before taking another sip of your drink

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You sighed before taking another sip of your drink. What there was in that drink? You didn't remember since the barman insisted on preparing one only for you.

"It has your name, sweetie."

He smirked in your direction, waiting for you to reply with a shy smile, probably, so that he could start a real conversation, but you didn't. You just thanked him and leave, looking for your friends you came to the party with.

You wanted to go home. You were sick of all these drunk people that couldn't even stand on their feet properly or that kept bumping on you, spilling every drink you got that night on your dress.

You sighed again when you couldn't find your friends. You searched for them all over the huge house, but nothing. So you decided to give a try outside, in the garden, where the music wasn't as deafening as it was on the inside and where there weren't many people.

As soon as you crossed the door that leads to the garden, the soft yet brisk wind of September hit your skin, making you shiver a little. You stepped on the grass carefully since you were wearing heels and didn't want to break them.

Then you found them, your friends. They were behind the birch tree that dominated on most of the garden, focused on something you couldn't see, but it looked like a box. You almost stomped your feet while reaching them, your hands were fists already.

You placed your hand on one of your friends' shoulder and made him turn in your direction, then looked the rest of the group in the eye.

"Where the hell have you been all this time?"

You almost screamed, tightening a little the grip on your friend's shoulder.

"Hey, Areum! Where have you been? I texted you thirty minutes ago that we would have waited for you here."

Replied your friend Wooyoung while shaking his phone at you. You quickly take your phone out of your pocket and realized that you had several messages and missed calls.

"Yeah yeah, who cares now? We're all here, right? Then, let me show you what I found in the basement."

Started off your other friend Hongjoong while exhibiting the box that he was holding in his hands with a smile.

"Basement? What wer-"

"Mind your business, Mingi."

He replied rapidly and lowing his head down, trying to hide his cheek turning pink before the red-haired guy could even finish the sentence. The box he was holding was black with white writings and full of dust.

Hongjoong blew on it, making the dust fly everywhere and your friend Wooyoung coughed. When all of you finally read what was written on it, "oh" left your mouths and your eyes opened wide.

It was an Ouija board. Hongjoong opened the box and took a look on the inside where there was the board with all the accessories for the ritual. You gulped not being able to even think.

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