A Date With "The Freak"

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Y/n: Um I'm-
Eddie: She already has a date with someone..
Jason: Oh? And who is this someone cause clearly she is out of there league *He said winking at you*
Eddie: That someone is me.
Jason: Really!? The freak is going on a date with Y/n Harrington?
Y/n: Yes he is, now please go away me and Eddie have somewhere to be..
Jason: Whatever... * He said rolling his eyes as he walked away*
Y/n: Eddie you okay?
* You could see he had his fists clenched and was clearly mad*
Y/n: Eddie, calm down he was just being a jerk...
Eddie: I'm sorry I just...
* You then realized it wasn't just anger, it was jealousy too. You somewhat liked his protective side*
Y/n: Eddie we have to go check up on Dustin and Mike remember?
Eddie: Right, right let's go.
* You both walked over to Mike and Dustin who were sitting on the floor in the hallway*
Y/n: What are you two moping about?
Mike: We are not moping just-
Dustin: talking about stuff..
Eddie: Right..
Y/n: Anyway let's get to class, the bell is about to ring anyway.
Eddie: What class do you have Y/n?
Y/n: Chemistry.
Eddie: Kay, I'll walk you.
Y/n: Really? Thanks.
Eddie: No problem darling. * He said winking at you*
* You and Eddie walk off leaving Mike and Dustin to talk*
Dustin: That was so weird..
Mike: What's weird, wait is it my hair?
Dustin: No stupid did you hear what Eddie called Y/n.
Mike: No? What was it?
Dustin: He called her darling and I know he's always been a gentleman but he's never really flirted like that with anyone...
Mike: Huh, maybe he likes her.
Dustin: Maybe, although if Steve found out she would be dead..
Mike: Why isn't she old enough to date?
Dustin: Not according to Steve...
Mike: That's rough, I don't know what I would do without El...
Dustin: And I don't know what I would do without Susie..
* Bell rings*
Mike: We better start heading to class.
Dustin: Yeah, well good talk.
Mike: Yep, good talk..
* Dustin and Mike stood up from the ground and walked to there separate classes*

( 2:27 pm after school )

Eddie: Ready for our date?
Y/n: Of course.
Eddie: Alright.
* Eddie swiftly opened the passenger door for you with a sweet smirk on his face*
Eddie: For the princess herself * He said winking at you as you start to climb in the car*
Y/n Thank you, Ed's
* Eddie blushed and then closed the door and crawled into the drivers side of the car*
Eddie: Ready darling?
Y/n: Yeah let's go.
* Eddie turned on the car and turned on the radio. Immediately metal music started blasting*
Y/n: Oh my god, I love this band!
Eddie: You like Metallica!?
Y/n: Of course I do!
* You turned up the volume and you and Eddie jammed out till you got to his trailer*
Eddie: And this is my castle..
Y/n: As aspected...
Eddie: Hey! What is that suppose to mean?
Y/n: Oh nothing~
* You and Eddie looked into each other's eyes for a moment, smiling at each other*
Eddie: You're beautiful ya know that?
Y/n: Mr Munson my beauty does not compare to yours.
Eddie: I'm flattered..
* You and Eddie giggled for a while until he got out of the car and went to open the door for you*
Y/n: You are a real gentleman.
Eddie: I try~
* You got out of the car and walked into Eddie's trailer*
Eddie: Sorry it's a bit of a mess, the maid took a week off... * He said picking up trash around the room*
Y/n Oh- it's fine...
* All the sudden the walkie in your backpack started going off*
Y/n: Shit..
Eddie: What's the problem darling?
Y/n: I forgot to tell Steve where I am..
Eddie: That's fine just tell him now.
Y/n: He would kill me! I'm not suppose to be hanging out with boys other than Mike and Dustin...
Eddie: Then say your at a friends house?
Y/n: Okay fine..
* You got the walkie out of your backpack and turned it on*
Y/n: Steve calm down!
Steve: Y/n! Thank god where the hell are you!?
Y/n: I'm at a friends house. * You said groaning*
Steve: Oh, do I know this friend?
* You looked over at Eddie who was in his room cleaning up a bit*
Y/n: No you don't know him...* You said barely realizing what you said*
Steve: Him!? Y/n your at a boys house!?
Y/n: Jesus, Steve I'm not a little girl anymore let me hang out with a boy for once!
* Steve was yelling into the walkie but you turned it off and walked over to Eddie*
Y/n: Hey Ed's.
Eddie: Hi darling come sit * he said motioning to his bed*
Y/n: Alright.
* You sat down next to him putting your head on his shoulder*
Y/n: Eddie?
Eddie: Yeah?
Y/n: I'm sorry if it seems like I'm being to forward I guess but... Are we a thing?
* Eddie was messing with your hair when he said*
Eddie: Well, darling do you want to be?
Y/n: I mean yeah who wouldn't wanna be in a relationship with Eddie Munson..
* Eddie giggled nervously as you felt blush rise to your cheeks*
Eddie: So that's a yes?
Y/n: I guess it is..
* You now had your head off his shoulder and his hand was lifting your chin to look at him*
Eddie: So I can do this?
* Eddie leaned down and kissed you on the lips. He bit your lip as he pulled away causing you to moan*
Eddie: Was that okay?
Y/n: Yeah, thank was amazing!
* Eddie looked down at you. His eyes moving to your lips. You looked down and could see he had a bit of a boner. You giggled a bit smiling widely*
Eddie: What's so funny darling?
Y/n: You have a boner, Ed's.
* Eddie smirked and said*
Eddie: You should call me that more often..
Y/n: You like it?
Eddie: Of course I do..
* Eddie pushed you down onto the bed so that he was on top of you*
Eddie: Is this okay?
* you stayed silent for a few seconds before saying*
Y/n: Yeah, let's just.. keep going...

A/n: hope you liked this chapter. have a great day!!

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