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* you woke up feeling a shake on your shoulder*
Y/n: Eddie?
Eddie: get dressed were going home
Y/n: it's like seven am..
Eddie: it's eleven stupid
Y/n: wait, really?
Eddie: yes, now get dressed and meet me in the kitchen, pack all your stuff
Y/n: ok
* he kissed your cheek and walked away, you got up from the bed and ran into the bathroom, you got dressed and put on some mascara and lipgloss, something simple, you walked into the kitchen and hugged Eddie from behind*
Eddie: ready to go home?
Y/n: yeah... but I will miss this.. just you and me
Eddie: I know, I will to but if we stay any longer Steve is going to die! * he said sticking his tongue out*
Y/n: your a dork, come on i actually miss him..
Eddie: I know you do!
* he took your hand in his hand and walked down the steps to the nice lady from before*
???: leaving so soon?
Y/n: yeah sorry it was just a short trip.
???: I understand, sometimes you have to get away from the world for a while
Eddie: yep, anyway here is the key, goodbye!
???: goodbye, come again!!
* you and Eddie walked out of the hotel, and got into Eddie's van*
Y/n: Eddie
Eddie: hmm?
Y/n: you realize Steve is going to beat your ass, right?
Eddie: of course, and yet we went anyway, plus it was your idea
Y/n: yeah, well let's get going
Eddie: alright, buckle up
* Eddie started the car and drove toward Hawkins*

( back in Hawkins)

Y/n: we are going to die...
Eddie: babe.. if things get heated I'll step in, I promise
Y/n: thank you
* a few minutes later you arrived at your house, you heard cop sirens and saw cars speeding around, you saw Steve talking with a few cops, he was crying.. well- more like sobbing.. Eddie stopped the car and said*
Eddie: he really missed you, huh?
Y/n: yeah he did * you said choking back a sob*
Eddie: it will be ok
Y/n: stop.. just come on
* you and Eddie stepped out of his car, he wrapped his hand in yours, you felt tears prickle in your eyes at the sight of Steve begging the cops to find you, he turned his head and saw you with Eddie.. he was shocked first but after a few seconds he came running and pulled you into a hug*
Steve: where the hell were you!? * he said pulling away from the hug*
Y/n: I was with Eddie
Steve: where?
Y/n: we went on a little vacation
Steve: and you just what.. forgot to tell me?
Y/n: I didn't forget
Steve: you could have left a note or at least something, instead you run off with your freak boyfriend and spend two days on a vacation!?
Y/n: look Steve, I'm sorry I know it was stupid and I should have warned you, but by the time I realized we were already packed and in the car..
* he ignored you and turned to Eddie*
Steve: what the hell were you thinking Munson!?
Eddie: that me and my girlfriend needed time to ourselves
Y/n: Steve don't get mad at him it was my idea
Steve: also, I found my car.. in mike wheelers backyard...
Eddie: oh yeah- forgot about that
Y/n: it was a harmless prank
Steve: I almost got fired from my job because I was two hours late, y/n
Y/n: oh-
Steve: first of all, mom and dad would like to talk to you and no I'm not helping second of all, you are not allowed to see Eddie for a month, and third of all... your grounded
Y/n: w-what!? You can't do that!?
Steve: yes I can
Y/n: Eddie's my boyfriend Steve I can't just stop seeing him for a month!?
Steve: deal with it.. this is what you get for leaving for two days without warning
Eddie: Steve!
Steve: I think you should leave
Y/n: Steve please
Steve: have him leave
* you looked at Eddie and then back at Steve, you turned to Eddie and placed a kiss on his lips*
Y/n: I'm sorry, go home let me deal with this
Eddie: darling!?
Y/n: shut up, i have a plan.. knock on my window at exactly seven pm, that is in exactly 2 hours, go!
* he kissed your hand and walked away, getting into his car leaving you with Steve*
Steve: y/n
Y/n: I'm sorry ok!? Is that what you want to hear!? I'm sorry for not leaving a note or a warning!!
* you stormed off into the house and into your room, you slammed the door and crawled onto your bed, sobbing into your pillow*
Y/n: I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry * you said in between sobs and sniffles* it was stupid.. I know!
* after an hour you turned on the tv in your room and started watching a horror movie, after 30 minutes of watching the movie you were interrupted by a knock on your window, you turned your head and smiled, you opened the window and let the man in*
Eddie: did you miss me princess?
Y/n: of course I did!
* he walked over to you and placed a hand on your cheek, wiping away the running mascara off of your face*
Eddie: I'll kill him..
Y/n: it's fine, it was nothing
Eddie: hmm... what are you watching?
Y/n: a random horror I found
* he turned off the tv and walked over to the radio on your vanity, slow, romantic music started playing as he walked toward you and held your hands*
Eddie: wanna dance?

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