Momma Steve

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A/n: I love all the support, the comments are killing me, also I'm probably going to end the story soon I'm running out of ideas and I have another story to wright, but don't worry the last few chapters I'll make extra long for you guys :)

Eddie: darling
Y/n: mmh...
Eddie: you have to get up
Y/n: why must I?
Eddie: Steve has been calling non stop for the past hour
Y/n: why didn't you wake me sooner!
Eddie: I tried but you kept kicking me
Y/n: shit!
* you jumped out of Eddie's bed and ran toward your backpack, getting out the walkie-talkie*
Steve: y/n pick the hell up!
Y/n: what do you want!?
Steve: we need to talk, in person
Y/n: about
Steve: just get your ass home, please
Y/n: fine, could Eddie come with?
Steve: No!
Y/n: oh..
Steve: I know you love him and want him to come with you but we need to talk, without Eddie
Y/n: alright fine, let me say goodbye to him
Steve: alright
Y/n: Steve...
Steve: yeah?
Y/n: I love you
Steve: I love you to bird brain
Y/n: shit head
Steve: alright stupid say goodbye to him and come home
Y/n: ok bye Steve
Steve: bye
* you turned off the walkie-talkie and walked back into Eddie's room, he was still half asleep, you crawled onto him*
Y/n: baby
Eddie: what did Steve want?
Y/n: I need to go home
Eddie: noooo
Y/n: I know, but I'll come back
Eddie: can't I come with
Y/n: Steve insisted you didn't
Eddie: I'm coming anyway
Y/n: Eddie...
* Eddie just stared at you, looking sad knowing you have to leave him*
Y/n: it's been awhile since me and Steve sat down and really talked
Eddie: I get it, just please come back
Y/n: I always will
Eddie: you better!
* you leaned down and put your forehead against his*
Y/n: you have such beautiful eyes
Eddie: thank you princess
* you planted a small kiss on his lips and got off his bed*
Eddie: hey princess
Y/n: hmm?
Eddie: I love you
Y/n: I love you to, dork
Eddie: bye princess
Y/n: bye love
* you walked out of his trailer and started walking down the street*
' I wonder what Steve wants to talk about'

( 15 minutes later)

* you opened the door to your house and Steve was sat on the steps, biting his nails and bouncing his leg*
Y/n: hey Steve, are you ok?
Steve: I um, I'm fine can we talk
Y/n: of course
Steve: let's go to your room
Y/n: sure
* you walked toward Steve and helped him up, you two walked up the stairs to your room*
' he said he was ok but it's very clear he isn't'

( in your room)

* you two sat on your bed, Steve was avoiding eye contact and was staring at his hands*
Y/n: ok seriously, what's wrong?
Steve: so um please don't hate me..
Y/n: Steve, your my big brother I could never hate you
* Steve sighed and finally made eye contact with you*
Steve: I don't want you dating Eddie
Y/n: w-what?
Steve: he's dangerous y/n
Y/n: he is many things Steve but dangerous!
* you screamed at Steve making him deeply upset*
Steve: you have to understand he's part of this cult
Y/n: hellfire?
Steve: Jason told me that he does these rituals to satan
Y/n: Jesus Steve!
Steve: he's pulling you into this pit of darkness
Y/n: that's not true, Jason is nice and kind but he can be a real jackass
Steve: I know but-
Y/n: hellfire isn't a cult, it's a group of people who get together to play dungeons and dragons
Steve: I-i'm just afraid he's going to make you join this group
Y/n: I already have dipshit!
* you could tell Steve was on the verge of crying and so we're you, how dare he think of Eddie that way *
Y/n: Eddie doesn't do that stuff not my Eddie, he cares about people he's loving and generous, as you were throwing guesses that he was doing a drug deal he was actually setting up a picnic date for me
Steve: what!?
Y/n: Steve, I love you, your the only family member I truly trust but...
Steve: y/n..
Y/n: I've learned to trust other people, mom left me broken and Eddie is helping heal those cracks
Steve: I just don't want you getting hurt
Y/n: I know, I'm afraid of that to but Eddie isn't a murder, everyone judges him just because the way he dresses or the way he acts, people say such harsh things about him and what makes me sad is they don't even know how brilliant he is
Steve: please just end it, it's for your own good
Y/n: no.. I won't
Steve: please
Y/n: I'm sorry Steve I truly, truly am but I won't
Steve: I...
Y/n: listen, I one day want to marry him, have kids and have a life together and, and I hoped that you and him would become friends, maybe not just friends but best friends
* silence... all to be heard was silence*

Steve: fine
Y/n: what?
Steve: I'll allow it
Y/n: wait really!?
Steve: yeah * he said as a tear slipped from his eye*
Y/n: thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
* you wrapped your arms around him and hugged him tight, crying your eyes out, you were so thankful that you didn't lose your brother, and that he was still here*
Y/n: w-what time is it
Steve: 6:58
Y/n: shit, can you drive me to Eddie's?
Steve: why?
Y/n: well I kinda bought an outfit that matches his exactly and he doesn't know, so I want to surprise him
Steve: alright
Y/n: thank you Steve!
Steve: here
* he tossed his keys to you*
Steve: get it started I have to call robin real quick
Y/n: ok!
* you sprang upward and ran downstairs, you sprinted outside and slammed into Steve's car*
Y/n: ow..
* you unlocked the car and got into the passenger seat, leaving the keys to sit in the slot hanging*

4 minutes later

Y/n: there you are
Steve: sorry it took so long
Y/n: no worries
* Steve got into the drivers seat and started to drive toward Eddie's*
Y/n: can I use your walkie?
Steve: sure but why
Y/n: to tell Eddie I'm coming
Steve: alright, back seat
Y/n: thank you~
* you looked back and grabbed the walkie-talkie from the back seat*
* you turned it on*
Y/n: Eddie
Y/n: love, it's y/n do you copy?
Eddie: yes princess
Y/n: hi! I wanted to say Steve's driving me to your trailer
Eddie: Steve?
Y/n: don't worry, I'll tell you later
Eddie: ok, tell him to hurry his ass up, I miss you~
Steve: I'm hurrying
Y/n: I miss you to, I'll be there soon and give you loads of kisses
Eddie: Kisses!
Y/n: yes, I love you
Eddie: I love you to princess
Y/n: bye~
Eddie: bye~
* you turned off the walkie-talkie and threw it somewhere in the back*
Steve: he really likes kisses...
Y/n: it's funny really, if I don't give him a kiss he gives me the biggest puppy eyes
Steve: well, you two sound like a great couple
Y/n: thanks Steve
Steve: hmm

( at Eddie's trailer)

Y/n: thank you again, Steve
Steve: yep
* you just stared at Steve, wondering what he was thinking and how he came to terms with you and Eddie's relationship so quickly, but you were interrupted by Eddie running out of his trailer*
Eddie: princess!!
Y/n: omg.. hi love
Eddie: I missed you~ * he said opening the door and practically throwing himself at you*
Y/n: I missed you to babe
Eddie: thank you Steve for bringing her back
Steve: yeah, anytime
* Eddie just stared at Steve then at you, you mouthed " I will tell you later", Eddie nodded and helped you get out of the car*
Steve: bye shit stick
Y/n: bye fuck face
* Eddie burst into laughter, wrapping his hands around your waist, laughing into your ear*
* Steve pulled away from the trailer and drove off*
Eddie: explain
* you sighed and motioned Eddie to follow you inside*
* you went into Eddie's bathroom changing into the clothes you bought, you told Eddie everything Steve said through a closed door*
Eddie: he really thought that of me...
Y/n: I know right! I was pissed
Eddie: I bet * he said falling onto his bed*
* you finished putting on the outfit and started to put on the rings*
Eddie: why can't I come in
Y/n: because!
* Eddie groaned and grabbed his guitar*
Y/n: what are you doing?
* you waited a moment before hearing strumming, you realized he was playing one of your favorite songs, it was master of puppets by Metallica*
A/n: don't come after me ok!? It's a good song
* you finished putting on the jewelry and was now doing your makeup*
* as you were putting on makeup you and Eddie were jamming out to the song, that was one thing you had in common, you both loved Metallica*
* you finished your makeup and walked out of the bathroom to see Eddie strumming his guitar, playing master of puppets, you just looked at Eddie, admiring his talent and beauty, he finished and then looked up at you*
Y/n: like it?
* his jaw dropped...*
Eddie: holy shit
Y/n: this is what I had to buy at the mall
Eddie: your beautiful
* he got up, not taking his eyes off you*
Y/n: we can match!
* he walked over to you and gave you a hug*
Eddie: how did I deserve you
Y/n: by existing
* he just hugged you tighter, he was taking in the new perfume you out on, it smelled of flowers and smoke*
Y/n: ok Munson, let's head to school

A/n: I hope you liked this chapter, have a awesome day or night

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