End of the weekend

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* You slowly opened your eyes to find yourself in your room*
Y/n: Eddie?
Eddie: In the bathroom.
* You rubbed your eyes trying to adjust to the sudden light. You slowly crawled out of your bed and walked over to the bathroom*
Y/n: What are you doing?
Eddie: Did you forget?
Y/n: What? * You said suddenly consumed by confusion*
Eddie: We have school today princess...
Y/n: Shit, thanks for reminding me.
Eddie: Anytime, get dressed I'll drive you today.
Y/n: Thanks.
* You kissed Eddie on the cheek and walked back into your room. You shuffled your way through the wave of clothes in your closet and finally picked an outfit*
* you got dressed into this* ⬇️

 You shuffled your way through the wave of clothes in your closet and finally picked an outfit** you got dressed into this* ⬇️

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* you did your hair like this* ⬇️

* You did your makeup and walked downstairs*Eddie: Guess what!Y/n: What is it?Eddie: I didn't burn the bacon this time! * He said smiling like a child*Y/n: You're such a dork, Munson

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* You did your makeup and walked downstairs*
Eddie: Guess what!
Y/n: What is it?
Eddie: I didn't burn the bacon this time! * He said smiling like a child*
Y/n: You're such a dork, Munson.
Eddie: Hey!
* You grinned and grabbed some bacon and sat down across from Eddie*
Y/n: I have a question,
Eddie: What's up?
Y/n: Are we gonna tell Dustin and the others about, us?
Eddie: Of course, I don't want jerks like Jason walking around and asking you out all the time...
Y/n: That sounds like a plan. Eddie, are you gonna make a big scene out of it?
Eddie: Yeah, I wouldn't be Eddie Munson if I didn't..
* You giggled at his comment and then the two of you talked and laughed for a bit before getting in Eddie's van and heading for school*

( 7:37 am )

Eddie: Just on time.
Y/n: Come on, let's go.
Eddie: Okay fine~
* You and Eddie walked into the school to be greeted by Lucas, Mike, and Dustin.
Mike: Hey guys.
Y/n: Hi.
Lucas: How was both of your weekends?
* You and Eddie looked at each other then back at them*
Eddie: It's been eventful...
Y/n: Yeah. We will tell you all about it at lunch but until then let's get to class.
Dustin: Okay..
Y/n: Alright.
* You frowned then realizing you had math for first period. You waved the boys off and went to your class*

( 12:30 am, lunch time )

* One again you we're sitting at The Hellfire Club table and telling everyone about your weekend*
Dustin: Wait so you and Eddie are together!?
Y/n: Yep.
Eddie: Got a problem with it or something... * He said mumbling and fidgeting with his rings*
Dustin: No, not at all it's just Steve-
Y/n: He knows...
Dustin: Oh, well I'm just kinda surprised I mean Eddie The Freak Munson dating Y/n Harrington..
Mike: Yeah, I'm just shocked.
Y/n: Understandable I guess...
Eddie: You know what.
Y/n: Hmm?
* Eddie smirked and stepped up onto the lunch table*
Eddie: Get up here, Harrington.
Y/n: Defiantly not..
Eddie: Come on~ please?
* You groaned and rolled your eyes, then said*
Y/n: Fine, but make it quick I'm hungry..
Eddie: For what?
Y/n: Shut up. * You said pointing your finger at him*
* Eddie held out his hand and you took it, he pulled you onto the lunch table and you two walked straight to the middle of the lunch table. Eddie had his arm around your waist and you panicked at the sudden eyes on you. This was one of your fears. Public Speaking...*
Eddie: Can I have everyone's attention!
* The whole cafeteria turned there heads and looked at you two*
Eddie: I have something to confess.
Y/n: Eddie...
Eddie: Shh. This absolutely stunning women standing next to me is my girlfriend and I wanted everyone to know that she is off limits!
Y/n: Eddie that's enough..
Eddie: Aww...
Y/n: Let's get down.
Eddie: Wait
* Eddie pulled you in and kissed you on the lips. You still felt fear but Eddie's warmth was helping you calm down. You then realized everyone was still looking at you and Eddie. And you were kissing him!*
Jason: Hey freak!
Eddie: What now...
Jason: You know she will leave you for me one day.
Y/n: Take a hint Jason, I don't like you and Eddie just said me and him are dating I'm not gonna leave him anytime soon.
Jason: Oh you will.
Eddie: Sit back down Jason..
*Jason rolled his eyes then sat back down*
Eddie: And now we can get off.
Y/n: Finally...
* You and Eddie sat back down and ate lunch*

( 1:42 pm, in art class )

Y/n: Then he had the audacity to stand up and call Eddie a freak and I just can't with Jason right now...
A/n: btw Chrissy is your best friend.
Chrissy: He's been acting weird lately, do you think he's cheating on me?
Y/n: No! Never he's just thinking about something I don't know.
Chrissy: Yeah well I heard about you and Eddie.
Y/n: You did? * You said feeling yourself blush remembering what Eddie said *
Chrissy: I'm happy you found someone, you were pretty lonely during middle school...
Y/n: Yeah well I got you and Mike and Dustin so I wouldn't call myself lonely..
Chrissy: I guess.
Intercom: Will Y/N, Y/l/N come down to the office.
Chrissy: Uh oh~
Y/n: Shit, It's probably nothing just a minor issue I'll be back.
Chrissy: Okay, good luck.
Y/n: Thank you.
* You burst out the doors of the classroom not even giving the teacher a glance. You walked down the halls of the school breathing heavily, you walked another few minutes until you reached the office*
Y/n: Why am I here this time?
Principal: Well if you would turn around maybe you'll find out.
Y/n: Okay?
* You turned around and saw someone you thought you wouldn't have to see ever again*
Y/n: Dad!?

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