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( hi everyone I just wanted to say I am not going to be writing smut, something came up and I just don't feel comfortable writing that stuff anymore, I hope you understand)

Y/n: of course!
Eddie: really?
Y/n: yeah why wouldn't I?
Eddie: I don't know
Y/n: so what do you have planned
Eddie: that is a secret beautiful
Y/n: why can't you just tell me!?
Eddie: because I don't wanna
Y/n: Eddie please
Eddie: no, now stay in my van for a bit
Y/n: what why?
Eddie: just do it
Y/n: did you already plan everything?
Eddie: maybe..
* Eddie laughed nervously then you both made your way to his van*
Eddie: sit there and I'll set everything up
Y/n: ok but be quick
Eddie: of course, I wouldn't wanna keep you waiting
* he winked at you as he grabbed a few things and started walking toward the forest*
* you thought what is he up to*
Y/n: what do I do now
* you ended up grabbing your walkie-talkie and started calling for Steve*
Steve: what's up?
Y/n: oh nothing just bored
Steve: aren't you suppose to be at hellfire?
Y/n: that's done but Eddie is setting up something in the woods
Steve: I bet he's doing a deal
Y/n: not this late, it's 8:20 ( pm)
Steve: you never know with that freak
Y/n: stop just call him Eddie
Steve: whatever
Y/n: so what are you doing
Steve: I'm actually at work with robin
Y/n: don't you usually get off at 5?
Steve: yeah but my boss said he would pay me extra if I stayed extra hours, with robin
Y/n: hmm that's weird
Steve: a little but it's fine
* you talked to Steve for a while, then you hear a knock on the window, it was Eddie*
Y/n: I gotta go Steve
Steve: alright bye be safe
Y/n: you to bye
* you shut off the walkie-talkie and climbed out of the van*
Eddie: are you ready?
Y/n: of course, although what we're you doing*
Eddie: its a surprise
Y/n: I don't wanna wait any longer!
Eddie: I'll make it up to you, I promise
Y/n: fine
* you two walked into the forest for a while before reaching the "surprise"
Eddie: here it is * he said nervously*
* it was a picnic, a basket next to a neatly set blanket, there were candles all around, it was overlooking lovers lake*
Y/n: it's beautiful, wow
* Eddie laughed a bit before saying*
Eddie: shall we sit
Y/n: we shall
* you and Eddie sat down on the blanket and he reached over and grabbed the basket*
Y/n: what's in there?
Eddie: just some sandwiches, fruit and berries
Y/n: strawberry's?
Eddie: many, many strawberries
Y/n: I love strawberries!!
Eddie: oh how did I know * he said in a sarcastic tone*
* he handed you a sandwich and a bowl full of strawberries*
Y/n: yummy
Eddie: I think so to
* you and Eddie talked and ate for a while, he shared things about his past he has never told anyone, and you did the same*
* he told you how he didn't have the best parents growing up and how he has played guitar his whole life*
* you told him about your parents, your dad abandoning you, and your mom beating you*
Eddie: I'm so sorry to hear that
Y/n: it's ok, it's in the past, I wanna focus on the present with you
Eddie: sounds perfect
* you two shared a laugh, Eddie scooted closer to you and put his hand on your cheek*
Eddie: your gorgeous, you know that right
Y/n: I think I do
* Eddie looked into your eyes for a moment before his gaze dropped to your lips*
Eddie: can I?
Y/n: yeah
* he leaned in and kissed you, it felt of love and passion but also desire*
* you two made out for a while before hearing*
Jason: well well well
Y/n: shit Jason why are you here
Jason: can't I hang around the woods a bit
Eddie: y/n
Y/n: no
Jason: so y/n and the freak making out in the woods
Y/n: we're dating I'm sure you do it with Chrissy too
Jason: do not speak of her like that
Y/n: she's my best freind calm down a bit
Jason: stay away from her
Y/n: why the hell would I do that
Jason: well..
* as Jason said that his 'gang' started to surround you and Eddie*
Eddie: just piss off
Jason: oh I will but y/n is coming with me..

( thanks for reading this chapter, also what nickname or nicknames do you want Eddie to call you)

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