I told you not to fuck here!

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Y/n: Is that so?
Eddie: Mmm..
* You leaned down and kissed Eddie. The both of you made out for about 6 minutes before you realized something*
Y/n: Eddie
Eddie: What?
Y/n: You have a boner
Eddie: Mind helping?
Y/n: Not at all
* You winked at him as you slowly made your way down him getting to his pants. You unzipped his zipper and he took off his pants*

( After, I keep forgetting there are children on this app )

* You were now laying on your stomach and Eddie was on his back next to you*
Y/n: That was-
Eddie: Amazing...
Y/n: Yeah, hey Ed's
Eddie: Yeah?
Y/n: Steve's gonna kill me...
Eddie: Why?
Y/n: He told me not to have us fuck here...
Eddie: I think you'll be fine.
Y/n: Hopefully...
Eddie: Ya know I think your pussy's to perfect for me
Y/n: Stop!
* Eddie giggled quietly and said*
Eddie: Wanna cuddle?
Y/n: Sure.
* Eddie pulled you toward him and wrapped his arms around your waist. He placed a gentle kiss to your forehead at the both of you relaxed in silence*

( 2 minutes later )

* Steve knocked on your door but you didn't answer*
Steve: Y/n?
* No response*
Steve: Y/n! Open the door...
* He knocked again no response. He grew impatient and has had enough of the silent treatment so he opened the door to see Eddie's back*
Steve: What the...
* Eddie's hand was covering your boobs and his other hand was on your thigh*
Steve: You guys fucked!?
Eddie: Steve leave us alone...
Steve: I told Y/n to have you both not do that here!
* Eddie slowly sat up and moved the blanket on top of you so Steve doesn't see your naked body. He also had the same blanket on his lap so Steve didn't see other things*
Eddie: Steve leave us alone can't you see she's sleeping...
Steve: I just need to talk to her.
Y/n: Mmh, Eddie?
Eddie: Shit, sorry darling go back to bed.
Y/n: Okay... Come here..
Eddie: Okay.
* Eddie leaned down and you wrapped your arms around his neck making him hug you*
Y/n: Cuddles...
* Eddie let out a quiet laugh then said*
Eddie: Okay, cuddles.
Steve: This is awkward...
Eddie: Leave..
Steve: Damn it fine..
* Steve left your room, leaving you and Eddie alone in your bed*
Y/n: Sleep...
Eddie: Okay, okay, sleep..
* You snuggled your face into the crook of his neck as you both fell asleep in each other's arms*

A/n: thanks for reading, please comment and tell me any ideas you might have for this story anyways bye.

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