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Steve: Oh! I'm gonna kill you Y/n!
* Eddie quickly moved in front of you. He grasped your hand and had no emotion to see on his face*
Steve: Get out of my way...
Eddie: Leaver her alone, Steve.
Steve: Just let me talk to her.
Y/n: Ed's it's okay..
Steve: Ed's?
* You looked at Eddie and Eddie looked at you a grin making it's way to his lips*
Steve: You two are together!?
Y/n: Yeah...
Steve: That's it! * He said pushing Eddie out of his way*
Steve: You can't fuck him Y/n he's, he's-
Y/n: He's fucking perfect Steve! I'm sorry this was uncalled for but I honestly don't give two shits if you don't approve because I love him! Did we fuck yes, are we gonna fuck again, probably. Yes Steve I fucked the freak.* You said screaming*
* Steve was about to slap you when Eddie pushed him out of the way*
Eddie: You were going to slap your own sister!?
Steve: I-
Y/n: Fuck it!
* You walked up to Eddie and pulled him in by his collar, kissing him. Eddie was a bit shocked first but then smirked into the kiss and wrapped his arms around your waist deepening the kiss*
Steve: Stop it! * He yelled*
* Steve ran up to Eddie and pinned him to the wall*
Steve: Listen freak! If you go near her ever again I'll snap your neck!
* Eddie looked over at you then back at Steve. Eddie licked his lips as he said*
Eddie: She tastes so good~
Steve: Oh- fuck you!
Y/n: Get your hands off of him!
* Steve was silent for a minute then let go of Eddie and stepped back a few steps. You rushed to Eddie's side and held his cheek in your hand*
Y/n: Are you okay?
Eddie: I'm fine are you okay?
Y/n: I'll live...
Steve: Y/n..
Y/n: What now..
Steve: Can we talk, without Eddie?
* Eddie looked at you with a sad expression because he already knew what you were going to say*
Y/n: Fine...
Eddie: Damn it..
Y/n: What was that?
Eddie: I really think I have separation anxiety..
Y/n: Stop..
Eddie: I'm serious!
* You gave him a quick kiss on the lips before saying*
Y/n: Go to my room, it's the third door on the left.
* Eddie pouted at first but then agreed and walked upstairs into your room. You and Steve sat down at the dinner table*
Y/n: So?
Steve: Why the freak...
Y/n: Steve..
Steve: Please just tell me...
Y/n: Okay, fine..
* You looked at the floor for a moment wondering if you should tell him and you decided, yes*
Y/n: I've had a crush on him ever since I met him in the cafeteria. Which is unusual cause I've only known him a few days. But i've known who he was even before we talked. Dustin always talked about Eddie The Dungeon Master. Steve, he treats me like I'm a sweet he can't get enough of. Like a princess, and it feels nice... He makes my heart skip a beat or makes my face go red like a tomato-
Steve: Y/n stop...
Y/n: What?
Steve: I can tell you love him I really can but..
Y/n: But?
Steve: I care for you, I really do your my only sister and I want to protect you from people like him..
Y/n: Steve, Eddie isn't a freak or a jerk or mean at all! He's sweet and caring and kind! He isn't like all the popular jocks you hung out with in school he's different..
Steve: And that's what scares me Y/n... He's different he's weird and pretty ugly to be honest..
Y/n: First of all he is weird but in a nice way, weird just funny weird, and he is not ugly!
Steve: Whatever...
* He looked into your eyes until his gaze dropped down to your neck, realizing you had hickeys*
Steve: Are those hickeys?
Y/n: Yeah..* You said re-playing what happened last night in your mind*
Steve: Jesus...
Y/n: Whatever this conversation is getting boring and I have a boyfriend to look after so bye!
Steve: Please don't fuck here * He said as you got up and started walking away*
Y/n: No promises!
* You walked up the stairs and into your bedroom*
Y/n: Hey Ed's.
Eddie: Hey darling come lay down with me.
* You laid down next to Eddie, looking up at him*
Eddie: How did it go?
Y/n: Fine, I don't really wanna talk about it..
Eddie: That's fine but-
Y/n: But?
Eddie: I have something in mind we can do..
Y/n: Mmh? What's that?
* Eddie wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you onto him*
Eddie: Just something~

A/n: Thank you all for reading and commenting I appreciate it, anyways bye!

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