Roadtrip ( day 1 )

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* you and Eddie drove for around 3 hours until you eventually stopped at a small town, it was cute a few small old houses, a gas station, market and more*
Eddie: there's a hotel over there * he said pointing to a building not to far from where you were parked*
Y/n: wanna stay there for a night or two?
Eddie: sure, unless you don't want too-
Y/n: don't be stupid, of course I want to
* you and Eddie walked to the hotel and entered to be greeted by a middle aged woman, at least around 40*
Receptionist: hi! How can I help you
Y/n: one room please
Receptionist: alrighty, one bed or two beds? * she said with a wink*
Y/n: one please
Receptionist: ok, that will be $12:99
* Eddie hands the receptionist the money*
Y/n: thank you
Receptionist: just doing my job
* you and Eddie walked to your room and entered, it was small and cozy, a queen bed, a tv with a couch and a kitchen*
Eddie: this isn't to bad
Y/n: yeah surprisingly
* Eddie walked over to the bed and fell onto it*
Eddie: I'm exhausted
Y/n: wanna take a nap?
Eddie: yes please~~
* you crawled onto the bed and laid next to Eddie*
Eddie: cuddles?
Y/n: sure
* Eddie wrapped his hands around you and you did the same*
Y/n: Eddie..
Eddie: hmm?
Y/n: I'm worried..
* he raised his head from your neck and said*
Eddie: why
Y/n: I left Steve... no warning.. no note..
Eddie: he'll be fine.. hey I went missing to, he eventually has to piece it together and figure out we're together
Y/n: yeah.. how long do you want to stay?
Eddie: 2-3 days
Y/n: ok I'm cool with that
* Eddie rested his head near your neck slowly falling asleep, you followed*

( few hours later 10:37 pm)

* your eyes slowly opened to see Eddie still sleeping you brushed the hair out of his face causing him to wake up*
Y/n: Hi babe
Eddie: Hi~
" god I love his voice" * you thought*
Eddie: what do you want to do today?
Y/n: I want to swim In the pool downstairs, and explore the town
Eddie: that seems like a plan
* he kissed your forehead and then lifted from the mattress, he went into the bathroom, you suspect to take a shit or something*
Y/n: hurry up! I need to get ready
Eddie: I'll try
* you got up from the bed and wondered the room, you sat down on the sofa and turned on the tv, scrolling through the channels eventually settling with a horror movie, you watched for a while, you were so caught up in the movie you forgot Eddie was in the bathroom*
Eddie: I'm done
Y/n: oh- um right thanks
Eddie: yep
* you walked into the bathroom and put on some makeup you brought in a small bag, once you finished you changed*
* the outfit ⬇️*

* your eyes slowly opened to see Eddie still sleeping you brushed the hair out of his face causing him to wake up*Y/n: Hi babeEddie: Hi~ " god I love his voice" * you thought* Eddie: what do you want to do today?Y/n: I want to swim In the pool dow...

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* or anything else if you don't like it*

* Eddie was in his usual outfit, denim jacket, hellfire shirt and jeans*
Y/n: let's go for a walk
Eddie: ok
* you and Eddie walked out of the building and around the town, you stopped at a coffee shop for a while, you both drank and talked and then continued your adventure, you and Eddie found a cute path to follow, sure your surroundings were hot and dry, but there was this small spot in town where there was a small forest, a little unusual but it's whatever*
Y/n: it's crazy how even though we're in a small dessert there's a spot where trees and plants thrive
Eddie: I wonder how that happened
Y/n: yeah... anyways come on
* you took his hand in yours and dragged him onto the path, it was a short simple walk, you both admired the lush green trees and flowers, taking in the sights and smells, eventually the path ended you and Eddie had to head back to the hotel, once you got back you changed into a swimsuit and so did Eddie, you walked downstairs since your room is on the second floor and walked to the pool, Eddie noticed you were hesitant on getting in and could tell you were thinking about Steve*
Eddie: don't stress, think of this as our relaxing time.. getting away from your annoying, overprotective older brother
Y/n: yeah, that's a good way to put it * you said with a giggle*
Eddie: get in
* you followed Eddie into the pool and swam around, there were a few other people there at least two family's, probably on vacation*
Y/n: fuck!
Eddie: wha- y/n what's wrong?
Y/n: school, Eddie remember my mom!!
Eddie: y/n..
* he swam toward you and pulled you into a hug*
Eddie: take a moment to relax and forget about your mom.. Steve.. Dustin, mike and breath
* you took a few deep breaths and hugged Eddie back*
Y/n: thank you, for always being there for me
Eddie: I'm your boyfriend, it's my job isn't it?
* you laughed and pulled Eddie into a kiss, he kissed back his wet hair dripping onto your slightly exposed chest, you heard gasps and whispers from a few people as you pulled away, you looked around to see people staring, it was awkward at first but then people started clapping and cheering, You were happy, You were truly happy, people didn't judge your relationship with Eddie here, they didn't call you losers or freaks, instead they were encouraging you, you and Eddie swam to the steps into the pool and sat on them*
Y/n: it feels good, people not judging us
Eddie: yeah it does
* Eddie held your hand and you placed your head on his shoulder*
Y/n: I have a idea
Eddie: hmm?
Y/n: how about we both take showers and you braid my hair and I put your hair into a small bun!?
* he thought about it for a moment and then agreed, you squealed from excitement and left taking Eddie with you to your room, Eddie took a shower and then you*
Eddie: can I braid your hair know?
Y/n: of course
* you sat on the bed and Eddie sat behind you, picking at strands of your hair braiding it*
Y/n: I'm kinda surprised you know how to braid hair
Eddie: I learned when I was little, I was bored and asked my mom
Y/n: that's cute
Eddie: I guess
Y/n: Eddie..
Eddie: yes?
Y/n: I love you
Eddie: I love you to~
* Eddie finished braiding your hair, putting in elastics to keep them together, you grabbed an elastic from your bag, you and Eddie switched positions and you started putting his hair into a low bun, you finished a few minutes later*
Y/n: oh my god! You look adorable!!
Eddie: I do? * he said in a blushing mess*
Y/n: yes! You look-
* you didn't know if you should say he looks cute or hot*
Eddie: I look??
Y/n: hot, there I said it!
* he chuckled and yet again fell onto the bed*
Eddie: bedtime?
Y/n: but-
Eddie: please~ * he said in a whiny voice*
Y/n: fine.
* you and Eddie were under the covers, you were faced away from Eddie with both your hands supporting your head and pillow, he had his hands wrapped around your waist and his face curled up against your back*
Y/n: goodnight Eddie
Eddie: goodnight, babe~

A/n: Another chapter, oh my god right!? I'll be updating more on this story btw, hope you enjoyed! 💖

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