Jason 🙄

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Y/n: the fuck
Eddie: just leave
Jason: me and y/n need to talk, know I would appreciate it if you let me have her
Y/n: fine
Eddie: absolutely not!
Y/n: but I'm not leaving Eddie, he has to come with
Jason: that won't work
Y/n: why not..
Jason: well um
Y/n: you can have me but he's coming with
Jason: I have to talk to you without him
Y/n: why
Jason: I can't say
Eddie: y/n let's just-
Y/n: it's ok
Jason: fine
Y/n: thank you
* you held out your hand to Eddie and helped him up from the blanket*
Eddie: are we just gonna leave this here
Jason: you two * pointing at two people in his 'gang' ( idk)*
Jason: clean this up and throw it out
Eddie: woah woah, just put it in my van
Jason: and have a chance of being possessed no thanks

( btw, someone did get cursed by Vecna it just wasn't Chrissy, and it was at Eddie's place although he is not the main suspect)
( please work with me here 😅)

Y/n: whatever
Jason: come on
Y/n: where?
Jason: somewhere, now shut up
* you could tell Eddie was on the verge of punching Jason, but it would just cause more trouble*

* at "somewhere"*

Y/n: so why the hell did you want to talk to me
Jason: how about you get your demon boyfriend to leave
Y/n: no..
* you and Jason stared each other down*
Y/n: do not call him that
Eddie: it's fine
Y/n: it's not
Jason: get him to leave
Y/n: he stays
* Jason sighed heavily, you noticed he seemed off, more upset and paranoid*
Jason: so um, Chrissy says she um
Y/n: what did she say
Jason: she said she saw this c-clock * he said his voice shaky*
Eddie: wait a clock
Jason: yeah, I thought it maybe had something to do with your cult or something
Eddie: did she describe this clock to you?
Jason: yeah?
Eddie: was it a grandfather clock
Jason: how do you know that..
Y/n: Eddie?
Eddie: shit
* Eddie grabbed your hand and pulled you into another room*
Y/n: what's wrong
Eddie: Vecna..
Y/n: what's Vecna

* after Eddie explained everything*

Y/n: so your saying Chrissy is gonna die unless we play her favorite song??
Eddie: pretty much
Y/n: shit, and you talked to Dustin and everyone about this
Eddie: well they told me but yeah
Y/n: we need to figure out when she had that vision
* you were about to leave the room when the door creaked even more open*
Jason: it was yesterday
Jason: also is it true, that Chrissy could die..
Y/n: I'm afraid so, and we need to find Chrissy now!
Jason: she should be at her house
Y/n: do you have a car?
Jason: yeah
Y/n: Eddie wanna drive
Jason: absolutely not!
Y/n: come on Jason, live a little
Jason: I'm not having that freak drive my car!
Eddie: it'll be fine
Y/n: Jason we have no time for this
Jason: fine just don't crash it
Eddie: I would never, right y/n?
Y/n: ofc!

( in Jason's car)

Eddie: nice car
Jason: um thanks..
* Eddie was driving, you were in the passenger and Jason and some of his "gang" were forced into the back*
Eddie: where's Chrissy's house
Y/n: it's down *blah blah blah* street
Eddie: ooo ok
Jason: hurry up!
Eddie: alright fine
* Eddie started driving, a few minutes later you felt a hand on your thigh, you looked over and smiled at Eddie*
Jason: can you drive faster!
Eddie: do you want the cops on our ass
Jason: tsk
* Eddie squeezed your thigh and then started using his finger to make circles*

( few minutes later)

Eddie: we're here
Y/n: perfect
Jason: alright let's go now!!
* you all got out of the car and knocked on Chrissy's door*
Jason: Chrissy, it's me you there?
* no response*
Y/n: Chrissy open the door please
* no response*
Jason: I'm going in
Eddie: Jason wait
* Jason already broke his way into the house, everyone else following*
Y/n: Chrissy?
Jason: Chrissy, hello?
*you walked into the kitchen*
Y/n: shit Eddie!
Eddie: what is it princess!?
Y/n: Chrissy!!
* as you both looked up and saw Chrissy's body in the air*

( hope you liked this chapter, and also should Jason be good or 'evil' or just generally mean? 🤔

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