Steve's Car * FIXED *

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A/n: I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

* you fell asleep after that*

( in the morning)
"I woke up with a massive pain in my stomach, it hurt way more than before, my guess is it's a cramp"
Eddie: are you ok?
Y/n: no..
Eddie: what do I have to do now?
* you laughed a bit at his sarcasm*
Y/n: could you go get me some pads,tampons maybe some chocolate??
Eddie: y/n, it's 5 am
Y/n: pretty please, at least before school starts
Eddie: it's a Saturday stupid
Y/n: oh- but still could you?
Eddie: fine... but uh another thing my uncle is coming back soon
Y/n: can I meet him
Eddie: do you want to?
Y/n: duh
* Eddie got up from the bed and ran into the kitchen*
Y/n: what are you doing!?
Eddie: grabbing my keys
Y/n: are you not going to say goodbye
Eddie: bye! I'll miss you!
Y/n: bye jackass!
* it went quiet for a bit, you then looked over at the front door and he was giving you a death glare*
Eddie: that hurt my feelings..
Y/n: ok ok.. I'm sorry
Eddie: thank you! Bye princess
Y/n: bye Eddie!
* he walked through the door*
' what do I do... Eddie's gone and there is no one else here'
* you reached over to Eddie's bed side table and grabbed your walkie*
Y/n: robin... robin do you copy
Y/n: robin?
Y/n: robin do you copy!?
Robin: sorry about that, hi y/n
Y/n: what are you up to?
Robin: I'm hanging out with Vicky
Y/n: really!?
Robin: shh
Y/n: did you finally ask her?
Robin: no.. I might soon I don't know
Y/n: well, don't rush it, get to know her a little
Robin: ok thank you y/n
Y/n: no problem
Robin: what are you doing?
Y/n: I'm chilling at Eddie's
Robin: huh, can I talk to him
Y/n: sorry, he's out
Robin: it must be important having to leave you all alone
Y/n: well I uh- I'm on my period so he went to the store to buy some tampons/pads and chocolate
Robin: that's sweet of him
Y/n: yeah well I kinda made him go
Robin: oh well..
* you and robin talked for a bit, but then she had to continue her hang out with Vicky*
Robin: bye y/n
Y/n: bye
* you turned off the walkie and placed it next to you*

( 3 minutes later )

Eddie: I'm back!
Y/n: finally!
* Eddie ran into his room with a bag in his hand*
Eddie: here is your stuff
Y/n: thank you, could you put it in the bathroom
Eddie: of course
* Eddie put the pads and tampons into his bathroom and gave you the chocolate*
Eddie: is it good
Y/n: it's chocolate Eddie, of course it's going to be good
Eddie: sorry
Y/n: don't apologize... do you want some
Eddie: sure
* you passed him a piece and then took a bite out of your own*
Y/n: I'm bored
Eddie: mmh
Y/n: I'm gonna go um in the bathroom
Eddie: I'll be waiting
Y/n: ok
* you got up and went into Eddie's bathroom, you grabbed a tampon/pad and placed it on the toilet, you went pee and then switched the pad/ tampon, as you finished up you heard the front door open*
Eddie: coming!
* you heard Eddie yell, you opened the door and walked out*
Wayne: who is that?
Eddie: oh- y/n come here
* you walked over to Eddie and held his hand*
Eddie: this is uh.. this is my girlfriend y/n
Wayne: it's very nice to meet you
Y/n: thank you, it's nice to finally meet you to
Wayne: so, how long?
Eddie: um.. about 1 week 2 weeks
Wayne: hmm
Y/n: yeah..
Wayne: well I bought some stuff I'm just gonna go sort it out
Eddie: of course
* you watched as Wayne went into Eddie's bathroom... shit*
Y/n: Eddie.. the pads and tampons!
Eddie: he won't mind
Y/n: are you sure-
Wayne: uh Eddie?
Eddie: yeah..
Wayne: why are there tampons in here
Y/n: shit.. shit..
Eddie: it's ok y/n.. I'll just go talk to him
Y/n: ok
* Eddie walked over to his uncle and told him about you being on your period and how he was helping you out*
Wayne: that's very nice of you
Eddie: yep
Wayne: sorry about that y/n
Y/n: it's ok..
Wayne: I'm gonna go watch tv
Eddie: ok me and y/n will be in my room
Wayne: alright
* Wayne left and you and Eddie sat down on his bed*
Y/n: what should we do
Eddie: hmm... we could do that prank on Steve you promised to do
Y/n: ooh yeah..ok let's ok
* at your house*
Y/n: shit
Eddie: what
Y/n: he isn't here which means?
Eddie: the cars not either
Y/n: yep
Eddie: so we wait
Y/n: uhhh, why isn't he here it's like 6
Eddie: I don't knows
Y/n: ughhh
* all the sudden you see Steve's car zooming down the street*
Y/n: into the bushes
Eddie: why
Y/n: Eddie!!
* you and Eddie jumped into the bushes as Steve pulled into the driveway*
Y/n: you stay by the car and I'll go get the keys
Eddie: can I do it?
Y/n: no, sorry
Eddie: it's ok.. don't get caught
Y/n: promise
Eddie: hmm...
* Steve went into the house and you sneaked in after him*
* Steve was talking to someone on his walkie*
Steve: hi
Lucas: hey Steve
Steve: Lucas!?
Lucas: can you meet us at Dustin's
Steve: in a little
Lucas: ok.. come soon
Steve: whatever bye
Lucas: bye
* as Steve went upstairs you crept into the kitchen and snatched his car keys*
Y/n: gotcha
* you ran out of the house and to Eddie*
Eddie: you got it?
Y/n: yeah come on quickly
* you unlocked the car and for obvious reasons Eddie's driving*
Y/n: let's go!
Eddie: I'm going
* Eddie pulled out of the driveway*
Eddie: wait.. where do we park it
Y/n: um.. Mikes backyard?
Eddie: What!?
Y/n: just go!
Eddie: ok ok..
* Eddie pressed his foot on the gas peddle and headed toward mikes*

Steve's POV

Steve: where the hell are my keys!?
* I've looked everywhere, the kitchen, my room, y/n's room.. nothing*
Steve: ugh!
* I ended up calling y/n on my walkie*
Steve: y/n Harrington do you copy
Y/n: what's up
Steve: do you know where my keys are..
Y/n: your car keys?
Steve: hmm
Y/n: nope.. no idea..
Steve: damn it
Y/n: anyways bye
Steve: wha-
* then it went quiet.. that little-*
' wait.. she was acting really suspicious'
Steve: Y/n!!


Y/n: hey Eddie
Eddie: yep
Y/n: wanna go on a road trip
Eddie: a road trip?
Y/n: mmh
Eddie: sure why not
Y/n: so.. when we get back to your place we can use your van
Eddie: ok
Y/n: great
* Eddie parked Steve's car and then you both started heading toward Eddie's

( at Eddie's trailer )

Y/n: I'm so exited!
Eddie: you are?
Y/n: of course this going to be so much fun
Eddie: are we packing or
Y/n: nah.. it's only for a day maybe 2 we could stay at a hotel or sleep in the forest
Eddie: sleep on the dirt and sticks
Y/n: come on Eddie!
Eddie: ok ok..
* you and Eddie climbed into his van and he started it up*
Y/n: wait.. what about Steve..
Eddie: ehhh
Y/n: he'll be fine right!?
Eddie: yeah
Y/n: ok
* after a few hours you ended up driving on a road with dirt and rubble all around you*
Y/n: it looks-
Eddie: beautiful
Y/n: hmm
Eddie:  where are we driving?
Y/n: I don't know..
Eddie: well I kinda need to-
Y/n: Eddie
Eddie: sorry! Geez someone's grumpy
Y/n: am not!
Eddie: totally!

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