Who was the guy you fucked!?

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Y/n: Mmh...* You groaned slowly opening your eyes realizing Eddie wasn't there*
Y/n: Eddie?
* You smelled burnt bacon coming from the kitchen and slapped your forehead*
Y/n: He doesn't know how to cook does he..
* You crawled out of Eddie's bed and walked out of Eddie's room into the kitchen*
Eddie: Morning darling~
Y/n: Morning Ed's, is that bacon I smell?
Eddie: It is, sorry it might be a bit burnt but I'm working on it..
Y/n: It's okay.
Eddie: Take a seat breakfast will be ready soon!
Y/n: Okay.
* You sat down at the kitchen table waiting for Eddie*

( 5 minutes later )

Eddie: It's ready!
Y/n: Finally I'm starving!
* Eddie walked over to you and set two plates of eggs, bacon, and sausage on the table, then sat down himself. You grabbed your spoon and ate some eggs*
Eddie: Does it taste good?
Y/n: It tastes pretty good actually although the bacon is burnt after all * You said giggling*
Eddie: Yeah I might have gotten distracted looking at you sleeping..
Y/n: You were watching me sleep?
Eddie: I'm sorry! Y-You just looked so cute and-
Y/n: Eddie stop! it's okay I don't mind..
Eddie: You don't?
Y/n: I mean I would mind if it was someone else but not if it's my boyfriend..* You said winking at him*
* In return he flashed you a huge smile*
Y/n: Anyways, how do you like your bacon?
Eddie: Do you mean like soft or crunchy?
Y/n: Yeah.
Eddie: I like it crunchy.
Y/n: You like it crunchy!? * You said raising your voice and dropping your fork*
Eddie: Um yeah, do you not?
Y/n: No of course not I like mine soft!
Eddie: What! Crunchy is way better!
Y/n: Is not!
* You and Eddie argued for a "long time" before your walkie started going off*
Y/n: Can Steve leave me alone for one night!
Eddie: Hey, it's okay...
Y/n: I know I just- gimme a minute, Kay?
Eddie: Of course..
* He got up from his chair, kissing your forehead as he left the room. You got up and grabbed the walkie*
Y/n: Steve calm down!
Steve: Y/n! Where are you?
Y/n: I'm still at my friends house..
Steve: The friend who is a boy!?
Y/n: Yes, the freind who is a boy... * You said in an annoyed tone*
Steve: Get out of there now! Your not suppose to be hanging out with boys other than Mike and Dustin! You know that?
Y/n: Jesus Christ Steve let me fuck someone in peace!
Steve: Wait what! You fucked someone!?
Y/n: Steve I will come home later I promise okay goodbye!
Steve: No! Y/n! Y/n who was the boy you fucked-
* You turned off the walkie before getting up and walking over to Eddie*
Eddie: How did it go?
Y/n: I have to go home..
Eddie: Shit, can't you stay?
Y/n: I haven't been home for a day and I may have yelled at Steve telling him to let me fuck someone in peace..
* Eddie placed his hand over his mouth in an attempt to suppress his laugh but failed miserably. He then pulled you in by your waist and kissed you on the lips*
Y/n: Well hi there~
Eddie: Hi~
* You wrapped your hands around his neck pulling him in for another kiss. Eddie pulled you in closer deepening the kiss. After about a 30 minute make out session you break the kiss and say*
Y/n: Okay Ed's, we have to stop...
Eddie: But why~
Y/n: Cause Steve is gonna kill me already I don't want it to be absolute torture!
Eddie: Okay fine, just one more kiss!
Y/n: Fine but that's it!
* You gave him a quick kiss, as you tried to pull away Eddie tightened his grip on your waist and pulls you closer*
Eddie: I don't want you to leave me just yet.. * He said groaning*
* Eddie now had his head in the crook of your neck giving you even more noticeable hickeys than before*
Y/n: Eddie I really have to go..
Eddie: Let me come with?
Y/n Do you want Steve to kill you?
Eddie: No, but at least I can get a little more time with you before I die~
* Eddie pulled you in for one more kiss before letting you go*
Y/n: Okay! let's go now!
Eddie: Okay, okay...
* The both of you walked into the living room then out the door. You and Eddie got outside then got into Eddie's van*
Eddie: Alright, ready?
Y/n: No, but fuck it...
* Eddie giggled at your comment then turned on the car and you two started heading to your house*

( 11:07 Am outside your house )

Y/n: I will signal when to come in okay?
Eddie: Yes ma'm!
Y/n: Okay.. * You said taking a deep breath *
* You took another deep breath and opened the front door*
Y/n: Shit...
* Steve was sitting on the stairs up to the 2 floor, which is the level your rooms on*
Steve: Who was the guy you fucked!?
Y/n: Well you see Steve-
Steve: Who was the guy you fucked Y/n..
* You took a nervous gulp before turning your head and signaling Eddie to come inside. You giggled nervously as Eddie stuffed his head through the crook in the door above you. Steve's gaze immediately changed when he saw Eddie and was now standing up*
Steve: You fucked the freak!!

A/n: Thanks for reading this chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! Have a good day or night :p

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