What is the freak doing here!?

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( Sunday 1:32 pm )

* You groaned and stretched in your bed as you felt yourself waking up*
Y/n: Eddie, wake up.
Eddie: Why...
Y/n Cause it's already 1:30.
Eddie: Oh shit.
Y/n: Yeah...
* You and Eddie crawled out of your bed and got dressed*
Y/n: Stay here for a moment I'm gonna check if Steve's here.
Eddie: Kay..
* You gave Eddie a quick kiss on the cheek before you went down stairs*
Steve: Yeah so I was thinking maybe that could be our day?
???: Yeah that sounds like fun!
Y/n: Steve who's this?
Steve: Oh Y/n this is Olivia my girlfriend.
Y/n: Nice to meet you Olivia I'm Y/n, Steve's sister.
Olivia: I've heard of you, he talks about you non stop I find it really cute.
Y/n: Okay...
* Eddie slowly made his way down the stairs and hugged you from behind giving you kisses on your neck*
Y/n: Got bored without me?
Eddie: I think my brain was about to explode...
Olivia: What the fuck!?
Y/n: What's wrong?
Steve: Babe let's just-
Olivia: Shut it Steve, what is the freak doing in your house!?
Y/n: Excuse you!
Olivia: Excuse me!?
Y/n: You heard me..
Olivia: Why is he even here?
* Olivia looked away from Eddie like he was the most disgusting thing she's ever seen*
Y/n: Because he's my boyfriend. And from what I understand couples are suppose to hang out with each other and do couple shit.
* Eddie was now holding your hand trying to calm you down but, you were so angry at Olivia*
Olivia: He's your boyfriend!?
Y/n: What's the big deal?
Olivia: I just wouldn't want to be seen with him...
Y/n: Oh-you bitch!
* You have had enough of Olivia's trash talking and walked up to her slapping her across the face*
Steve: Woah Y/n calm down!
Y/n: You ever talk about him like that again. It won't just be a slap I'll do to you...
Olivia: Ow... You bitch!
Steve: Y/n why did you hit her!?
Y/n: Steve I love you but your girlfriend is a total bitch. And you could do way better than her!
* Olivia was now standing up holding her cheek, still burning from how hard you slapped her*
Steve: Olivia go into the kitchen we'll talk in a minute...
Olivia: whatever...
Y/n: How about you put a muzzle on her.
Steve: Give me a break also, you should apologize to her, she did nothing to you.
Y/n: Nothing to me!? Nothing to me! * You said screaming*
Eddie: Y/n calm down it's fine...
Y/n: No it's not!
Y/n: I'm not gonna stand by and watch her insult my boyfriend!
Steve: Eddie calm her down please, I'm gonna go talk to Olivia...
Eddie: Alright.
Y/n: Don't you fucking walk away from me Steve Harrington!!
Eddie: Darling...
Y/n: What!?
Eddie: Calm down.
Y/n: what?
* Before you could speak another word Eddie had already pulled you into a hug, comforting you*
Eddie: It made me happy you stud up for me it really did but. You lost it you need to calm down...
Y/n: I'm sorry I just got so mad at that whore..
Eddie: That should be her nickname!
Y/n: whore?
Eddie: Perfect for her perfect personality
* You looked up at Eddie and he looked at you. You both couldn't hold it in anymore you both broke out laughing*
Y/n: It really is perfect.. * You said trailing off into your thoughts*
Eddie: Yep.
* It was silent for a moment but then you said*
Y/n: I love you so much...
Eddie: I know Y/n, I love you to.
* You cupped his cheek in your hand and kissed him. He moved his hands onto your arms and continued the kiss. You eventually pulled away and said*
Y/n: Okay, go into my room and just go through my Polaroid photos or something*
Eddie: What why?
Y/n: I'm gonna chat with my brother and the whore..
Eddie: Fine~
* He kissed you one more time before disappearing up stairs. You walked into the kitchen to hear*
Olivia: Your sister is a total bitch and that freak, deserves to die in hell...
* You felt this rage inside of you. It was crazy really you have only known Eddie for a few days and yet you wanted to protect him. You felt your hands ball into fists and sprinted toward her*
Y/n: Shut the fuck up!
* You punched her full force to the side of the head, knocking her to the ground*
Steve: Olivia!
Y/n: Never talk about me or my boyfriend like that again...
Olivia: My nose! You broke my nose! * She said screaming in fear*
Y/n: I don't give two shits about your nose. Steve I love you but I've had just about enough of her!
* You kneeled down and grabbed Olivia by her throat and pulled her up into the air*
Y/n: Oh~ I'm gonna kill you, bitch!

A/n: thanks for reading I'll post again tomorrow anyways have a good day!

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