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* Tears fell from your eyes like rain falling from the sky. You knew you couldn't save her which only made it worse. Eddie was trying his best to calm you but it wasn't working. Chrissy has been your freind for your whole life. When ever you needed to vent you went to her. Whenever you wanted to talk about boys and run around doing stupid shit you would go to Chrissy. You couldn't imagine life without her. She was almost everything to you before Eddie. You watched as her bones broke out of place. You fell to the ground sobbing. Her bones were braking painfully slow. Like a snap of a finger Chrissy's eyes popped.. She collapsed to the ground in front of you. You crawled over to her and said*
Y/n: Chrissy!!
Eddie: Y/n..
Y/n: No! No! She's still with us! Call 911!
Eddie: Y/n!
Y/n: God damnit no!
* Eddie pulled you off of Chrissy's body and dragged you into his room*
Eddie: Oh-Shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Shit!! * he screamed pulling at his hair*
Y/n: E-Eddie! We have to get her to a hospital!! * you yelled your voice cracking with every word*
* Eddie ran out of the trailer you on his tail*
Y/n: Eddie! What are you doing!?
* Eddie quickly ran over to you and pushed you into the van, he rushed to the other side and into the drivers seat. Quickly turning on the car and driving away. As Eddie was speeding down the streets of Hawkins you were having a breakdown. Your whole body was shaking. Meanwhile Eddie hasn't said a word to you, he seemed traumatized. All the sudden he pulled into a empty parking lot of a gas station and parked the car. You glanced over at him to see his eyes were gaping open with a tear following. You felt this sudden pain in your chest. Your body became numb, You wrapped your arms around your legs and cried into your sleeves.*
*Y/n: " why isn't he comforting me, why isn't Eddie saying anything" * you thought*
Y/n: Eddie?
* he let out quick breaths each one getting louder than the other*
Y/n: what now..
* Eddie didn't respond, he instead forced his hands into his hair and whispered*
Eddie: shit... shit... shit...
* You crawled over to the drivers seat and sat on Eddie's lap. You took his face in your hands and said*
Y/n: it's okay, we'll be okay
* at the sound of your voice Eddie immediately burst into tears. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a hug. You raised one of your hands and placed it behind his head, the other staying on his cheek. Sobs and sniffles could be heard from the both of you as you both cried into each other. You lifted his head and wiped his tears away flashing him a small smile. You leaned back to relax and accidentally bumped into the radio. Cop sirens could be heard from all around. Eddie quickly turned his head to look out the back window and saw no cop cars anywhere. He sighed in relief and said*
Eddie: the radio..
Y/n: oh..
* You turned around and turned off the radio leaving you and Eddie in a set of silence. Eddie leaned his head into your neck and laid there for a while. He eventually motioned for you to get off of his lap so you crawled back into the passenger seat. He put the van into drive and drove out of the parking lot and down another street. After 20 minutes Eddie stopped the van at a house. Once you and Eddie climbed out of the van you said*
Y/n: why are we here?
Eddie: I'm gonna see if we can crash here..
Y/n: okay, do you know this person * you said walking up to the house*
Eddie: yeah, there my dealer
Y/n: Oh..
* Eddie knocked on the door and a man answered. He allowed Eddie in and told you to wait outside. You took a minute and realized your surroundings were beautiful. Healthy growing trees with red leaves from the fall season. Flowers sprouting all around a small river. It looked like a dream. Eddie eventually came back outside and gently grabbed your hand. His hand was still shaking from the incident not even an hour ago. He led you to a warehouse out back. You and Eddie entered the building, it was spacious. Not really decorated at all*
Y/n: how long are we staying here? * you said your voice laced with sadness*
Eddie: I don't know..
* Eddie walked over to a boat, he tore off the tarp and sat down. He patted the space next to him signaling you should sit down next to him and so you did. It was a pure silence, the only thing that could be heard were birds chirping from outside. Eddie groaned and placed his head on your shoulder. You slowly slid your hand into his hand and rubbed small circles. A small smile could be seen on his lips, but for only a second*
Y/n: do you want to take a nap? It will pass time faster
Eddie: sure
*He grabbed the tarp and used it as a blanket for the both of you. You rested your head on Eddie's chest and intertwined your hand in his. You leaned upward and kissed his cheek softly. He slowly smiled and closed his eyes. He looked so peaceful like this. You loved the way his hair perfectly flowed in the wind, you loved his smile, and you loved the way he hugs you when your tired. You gave his hand a reassuring squeeze before closing your eyes yourself, Falling into a restless sleep*

A/n: thanks for reading, sorry for the slow update. I'll write a longer chapter next time, sorry. Anyway bye

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