Roadtrip ( day 2 )

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* you woke up hearing soft snores and groans next to you, you turned your head to see Eddie sleeping peacefully next to you, tangled in the sheets and his hair matted, you giggled and snuck out of his grasp, getting up from the bed*
Y/n: Eddie?
Eddie: five more minutes~
Y/n: fine
* you walked away from Eddie and into the kitchen, you made some eggs and sat down on the sofa turning on the tv and started scrolling through channels, you found a drama and started watching, shortly after Eddie stumbled over to the sofa and sat down putting his head on your shoulder*
Eddie: baby~
Y/n: what * you said laughing*
Eddie: what do you want to do today?
Y/n: hmm, we can go to the coffee shop and maybe go shopping?
Eddie: that sounds good
Y/n: yeah.. Eddie I'm sorry but I can't stop thinking about Steve
Eddie: it's okay don't apologize, if it makes you feel better we'll be back tomorrow
Y/n: okay
* eddie raised his hand and placed it on your thigh, he lifted his head from your shoulder and kissed you, it was long and passionate, you've been so busy thinking about Steve and Hawkins that you forgot.. you forgot this "vacation" is suppose to be a romantic thing between you and eddie... Steve not being involved.. you realized you should enjoy this time as much as you can without Steve getting on your ass about eddie, you pulled away and smiled, blushing lightly*
Y/n: i realized something
Eddie: what's that?
Y/n: we've only known each other for a month and yet it feels like years
Eddie: yeah
Y/n: lets get dressed and head to the coffee shop
Eddie: okay
* you both got up from the sofa, eddie went into the bedroom to fix his hair, and you went into the bathroom, you changed into denim ripped jeans with a white and blue t-shirt, you did your makeup and put your hair into a high bun, you walked out of the bathroom to see eddie, he was wearing something different for once, well- still the hellfire shirt but instead of a denim jacket he was wearing no jacket and different pants*
Y/n: wow! Eddie Munson the freak of Hawkins
Eddie: that is me indeed
Y/n: you look handsome * you said with a wink*
* he walked over to you and looked down*
Eddie: and you look beautiful~
Y/n: come on dork, we have coffee to drink and clothes to buy!
* you grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the hotel, you and Eddie walked into the coffee shop a few places down and walked up to the lady at a counter*
Y/n: hello! Can I get a coffee with extra creamer
???: of course! What would you like sir?
Eddie: oh- um can I get a coffee as well, black
???: sure, that will be $6:25
* this time you payed, you handed the nice lady the money*
???: please sit at table 9
* you and Eddie thanked the lady and sat down at table 9*
Eddie: so~ how was your breakfast?
Y/n: it was good, but it would have been better if you helped!
Eddie: I'm sorry, I didn't get much sleep
Y/n: why?
Eddie: I Urm-
Y/n: Eddie, are you hiding something?
Eddie: No! No! You were just so pretty
Y/n: don't be ashamed, dork
Eddie: I am not * he said putting his hand to his heart*
Waiter: coffee with extra creamer and coffee black
Y/n: thank you
* the waiter handed you both your coffee's and walked away*
Eddie: what clothes do you wanna buy?
Y/n: I don't know, some band t-shirt and necklaces probably
Eddie: sounds good

( at the shopping place, or whatever shop you prefer)

* you walked next to racks of clothes occasionally picking up shirts and giving them to Eddie*
Eddie: can I shop now?
Y/n: you are
Eddie: I'm helping you shop, princess
Y/n: ok fine~
* he gave you the clothes back and walked across the store stopping by racks of rings and chains, eventually you guys finished shopping and headed back toward the hotel*

( in your room)

Y/n: ugh! I'm not tired it's only 8 pm!
Eddie: but I am!
Y/n: let's watch a movie or something
Eddie: no!
Y/n: Eddie!!
* he sighed and placed a hand on your waist*
Eddie: how about this, if you go to sleep with me now then you get a bunch of kisses in the morning
Y/n: done! * you said running over to the bed and jumping on it*
Eddie: what about your clothes?
Y/n: come here!
Eddie: you are helpless
Y/n: No! You are.. you wouldn't be able to go a day without me!
Eddie: that is true
* he crawled next to you and kissed your nose*
Eddie: sleep?
Y/n: yes
* you and Eddie kissed one last time before falling asleep, metal music playing on the radio in the background*

A/n: same ending for this chapter I apologize! I wanted to update but didn't know what to write, get ready for a heated Reunion between Eddie, Y/n, and Steve next chapter!! Bye 🫶🏼

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