Princess, it's okay everything is going to be okay

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Steve: Y/n put her down!
Y/n: Shut up
Olivia: I'm sorry please- * She said her voice low and cracked*
* You tightened your grip on her throat making her face slowly turn a shade of purple. Steve was about to stop you but someone already was*
Eddie: Y/n let go of her...
Y/n: No.
Eddie: Please?
* You turned your head to look at him, of course he was giving you the biggest puppy dog eyes. You scoffed and released your grip, throwing her to the ground. She started coughing violently, coughing up blood*
Steve: Olivia are you okay?
Olivia: Fuck you...
* You froze in place not knowing what to do. Eddie walked up to you and placed his hands on your waist, turning you toward him*
Eddie: Princess, it's okay everything is going to be okay.
* As he said those words you slowly started crying into his shoulder*
Eddie: Shh, it's okay just hug me and let it all out, okay?
Y/n: Okay..* You said your voice cracking*
* Eddie was hugging you, his arms around your waist and your arms around his neck*
Steve: Olivia, I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you...
Olivia: What!?
Steve: It just won't work.
Olivia: It's about that freak isn't it, and your sister might as well be one as well!
* You heard a loud slap and looked over to Steve to see he slapped her, square in the face*
Steve: Never talk about my sister that way!
Olivia: Ow! * She screamed*
Steve: Get out of my house.
Olivia: Whatever!
* She made her way off the floor, holding her neck and stormed out of the house. Steve walked up to you and Eddie and said*
Steve: I'm sorry...
* You couldn't speak words just cry and sob*
Eddie: She doesn't want to talk right now.
Steve: Alright, I'll be in my room.
Eddie: Okay.
* Steve nodded his head and walked in the direction of his room*
Eddie: Darling?
Y/n: Hmm...
Eddie: Wanna watch a movie, you can make your amazing popcorn and we can cuddle and forget about Olivia..
Y/n: Sure that sounds nice...
Eddie: Okay, I'll go put on a movie.
Y/n: Okay but wait.
Eddie: What?
* You smiled and placed your hand on his cheek. You looked into his eyes and kissed him*
Eddie: Movie time?
Y/n: Movie time.
* He walked into the living room and turned on the Tv. You walked into the kitchen and made the popcorn, then stumbled into the living room*
Y/n: Ready?
Eddie: Yep, come sit.
* You smiled weakly and sat down on the couch*
Eddie: You can sit somewhere else if you want?
Y/n: Where?
* Eddie looked at you like you knew but in reality you didn't. After a few moments you finally caught on*
Y/n: Oh~ okay.
* You crawled over to him and sat on his lap*
Eddie: Perfect...
* The both of you two watched the movie for around 20 minutes, eating popcorn until you got tired*
Y/n: I'm tired...
Eddie: Turn around then.
* You turned around to face Eddie and snuggled your face into his neck*
Eddie: There you go, just take a nap, okay?
Y/n: Mmh...
* You then fell asleep shortly after in his arms, he eventually did the same*

A/n: Sorry for the short chapter I'll make a longer one tomorrow, anyways thanks for reading have an awesome day!

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