Chapter 1 (Edited)

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I woke up at 4am in the morning and I  went to the gym for workout like always. When it was 6am I went back to my room and got in the shower did my business and put my uniform on yep you heard me right I'm preparing to go to school but I don't really care you know.

I already graduated at 12yrs old when I was living with my dad. I know it's unbelievable but it's my dad we're talking about everything is possible when you're with him and yeah I'm pretty smart.

I put my long dark-blonde hair that reach my lower back in a high ponytail. I then looked at myself on the mirror, when I was satisfied with how I looked I picked my backpack and went downstairs to the dinning table.

"Morning" I said to my brothers who were already on their seats.

Aiden said good morning to me and Aries just nodded. I shrugged and sat on my seat which was between the two of them.

"I made pancakes for you guys"Bianca my 'mom' said coming out of the kitchen holding what seemed like a platter.

"One for me,one for Aiden and one for Aries."Bianca said putting pancakes on their plates except for mine not like I care though.

"Oops Alissa seems like I forgot to make one for you my bad"she said emphasizing the word Alissa and sat down on her chair.

I'm used to this you know, why? Because my mom never really liked me maybe it's because I looked nothing like her. That's why when my dad said he wanted me she agreed and gave me to him. She never wanted anything to do with me.

"Mom she is your daughter how could you forget about her"Aid yelled to Bianca

"First of all I did that on purpose and second she is NOT my daughter do you hear me."Bianca said.

"Here" Ari said cutting his other half of the pancake and putting it on my plate.

"No I'm cool I will just take an appl..."I said before I was cut off with Ari's glare

"Eat"he said and I glared at him back.

"Please"he said softly lowering his glare and replacing it with a concerned look.

"Ok fine" I said and started eating the pancake. While I was about to finish Aid gave me half of his pancake too. I looked at him with a questioning look.

"Eat this too please I beg you plus I already ate cereal this morning and I'm kinda of full you know" Aid said.

"I said I'm fine Aid you eat it cause I know you're lying"I said calmly.

"Please it will make me happy if you eat it"he said giving me what looked like puppy eyes and I just rolled my eyes.

"Ok thanks and would you please never do that again" I said to him.

"Never do what"he asked

"The thing with your eyes cause it looks like you're constipated"

"WHAT!? you hurt me Ali"he said dramatically pitting his hand on his chest near his heart.

I rolled my eyes at his childishness and finished eating the pancakes. When I looked up I was met with my mother's glare and I just shook my head in amusement.

For a Spanish mafia leader she acts like a child with no brain you know.

"Let's go shall we we are already late for school" Aiden said standing up me and Ari followed after him.

We got inside the car, I was at the backseat Ari on the passenger seat and Aid on the driver seat and we set off to school.

"We sure are late"Aid said when he saw no one walking around the school.

"I really don't give two f*cks about this f*cking hell called school"Ari said. This brother of mine sure has anger problems.

"Our first class is history let's go before the class ends. Mr grumble is so going to be furious"Aid said the last part was very low that a normal person wouldn't even hear but I'm not normal.

Before you ask yes me and my brothers have both classes together.


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