Chapter 13 (Edited)

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I walked down the hallway to the battlefield passing by the people who were looking at me in shock and fear.

When I arrived I looked at the audiences who were all displaying same emotions shock and fear. I was looking for my brothers when I saw them they looked like they were about to leave so I needed to finish fast. They can't arrive before me. Shit, I looked at the referee who was shaking violently due to fear and whispered so only he hears.

"Start the fight now I don't have all day"I say dangerously calm. He nodded and I stepped back as he make the announcement.

I studied my opponent and looked for any weakness. I noticed the way he was trying to hide his right leg and how he will touch his left rip from time to time. This will be easier than I though.


I waited for my opponent to make the first move as it would put them in great disadvantage. When he saw I wasn't going to attack first he lunged at me to which I calmly dodged. I punched him hard square in the face which was already enough to make him unconscious but I still ended it with a roundhouse kick. The audiences cheered and I collected the money and looked for my brothers.

Oh no they already left. I hurriedly went to uncle Dom's office.

"You defeated the undefeated big boss with just one punch that was expected but today you didn't fight bloody that's surely IMPOSSIBLE " Uncle Dom said

"Uncle there's no time for that talk I need to reach the hotel before my brothers" I say hurriedly

"Follow me"he said and I followed him to the garage

"This is the bike I bought for you on your 15th birthday as a present but since I wasn't able to contact you I kept it in here until the day you would show up" he said and removed the sheet that was covering the bike leaving me speechless. It was beautiful and badass, black in color.

"Thank you uncle it's beautiful but I need to leave, see you soon, don't forget to send someone to come take it and return it here I don't want my brothers to ask too many questions about where I got it" I hop on the bike after he gave me the keys and speed off but not before hearing a sure and be careful from him.

I arrived at the hotel and I saw my brothers getting out of their car I went to pack the bike near the tree that was next to the room we were staying in.

I climbed the tree and the railings like a ninja until I arrived at our room. I quickly changed my clothes into pyjamas before acting asleep on the middle of the bed. I hear someone unlocking the door before it was opened and closed slowly.

"Is she still asleep?"I heard Aries asking

"Yeah, I'm going to change back into my pyjamas you do the same"Aiden said

After some time they both climbed the bed and cuddled to me then I fell asleep for real this time.



I woke up in the morning due to something tickling me on my neck. When I looked to see what it was I saw Ali's cute sleeping face her hair was all over the place. I chuckled when I saw the position she was in.

Her head was on top of my chest while her legs were on Aries. I took my phone from the bed stand beside the bed and took a photo of her. I guess Aries woke up due to the click of the camera and he glared at me but when he saw Ali's face on my chest his glare softened and when he saw her position he chuckled.

"Cute, send me that photo now or I'm telling her" he said and threatened me, I mean like literally threatening me.

"I don't care" I lied, I did care I'm scared of my baby sister's glare okay she's scary.

"Okay then Ali"he said attempting to shake her

"Okay stop, I'm sending it" I say slapping the hand that was about to shake her and sending him the photo. Argh this brother of mine is annoying as f*ck.

Me and my brother got out of the bed and prepared ourselves after we were done it was time to wake Ali.

It's the first time she overslept she always wakes up at 3 or 4am in the morning. I don't want to wake her up but l don't have a choice since it's almost 6am

"Ali wake up"I say and she opened her eyes slowly.

"You have to get ready it's almost 6am now and we're wearing matching outfits, please don't say no"I say and she nodded and got out the bed to the shower with her outfit. Wow she agreed faster than I thought.


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