Chapter 7 ( Edited)

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I woke up from a car stopping. When I was about to open the door someone did from the outside. I smiled looking at Aiden who was holding the door open for me. I slide out of the car and we catched up to Aries who was walking into the police station.

We follow John as he walked into a room.

"Okay kids wait here for a bit" John said and left the room.

"At least we are not in that interrogating room but still we have to seat in this f*cking uncomfortable metal seat again don't they have like normal chairs at least"Ari said while me and Aid rolled our eyes.

I opened my backpack and took out my MacBook. After closing the bag I positioned myself on the couch opposite my brothers.

Let's start searching for this uncles of ours. I'm not stupid to go with people I don't know anything about. My mom's surname before she changed it to Romano was Rossi. So I searched for the Rossi family.

Joseph Rossi ( the father ) - deceased

CHILDREN ( from oldest to youngest)

Eric Rossi -42 years old

Mike Rossi -40

Nick Rossi -40 yrs

Bianca Rossi - deceased ( Bianca Romano - 39 yrs )

Matteo Rossi - 38 yrs

So my mom is older than my dad by 3 years. That's surprising my dad didn't tell me that. I will have to tease him about that someday.

They own companies but I don't need to hack into them, No wait, I do need to hack just to be sure.

So I hacked into the Rossi business files. There were shipments missing seems like they are doing illegal business. I hacked deeper into their secretive files, I must say they did a  very good job at putting the walls cause it took me 15 minutes to break through I usually take 5 minutes or less.

They won't be able to see that someone broke through. Have I told you I'm extremely good at hacking? Well I am and not just hacking but other things too but you will find out about them later. Oh so the Rossi's are the American mafia. I look into their shipping documents. I found group of files when I looked through them I also saw that there was information about the Italian Mafia which isn't a lot but deleted it anyways.

It was bad hiding the fact that I'm in the Italian Mafia from my brothers, worse that I'm the heir of the Italian Mafia but at least they don't have problems with us. But the American mafia despises the Italian Mafia. They won't hesitate to kill anyone linked with the Italian Mafia.

It's so going to be fun, I mean the American, Spanish and Italian Mafia under the same roof OH I can't wait.

"Ali are you okay"I looked up to see Ari looking at me.

"Well of course why?"

"You were smirking evilly and it was creepy sooo creepy"

"Oh my bad, brother"I say as innocently as possible


"Can we do a background check on them"I asked my brother Eric.

"No it's better if we don't so that we except them for who they are now"he said and I nodded.

"Ok let me get going" he said and got inside his car and set off.

I sighed and walked back inside to the living room.

"Are they going to live with us uncle Mike?" Mia, Eric's daughter asked.

"Yeah"I said

"Me and Melissa are going shopping okay"she said and I nodded, and she left.

My phone rang, I took it out of my pocket and looked over the screen, it's Allen our hacker. But why is he calling?

I answered the call

"Yes?" I said

"Sir we got a problem"

"What do you mean?" I asked

"The information we had on the Italian Mafia is missing"

"WHAT!?"I shouted. No no no no this is not good

"Yes sir and there isn't any trace of anyone hacking, if it wasn't for the missing files we wouldn't have known that we were hacked. The person took less than 20 minutes to break the walls sir."he said. But how is this possible we built many strong fire walls that even our best hackers take months to break through them and this unknown person only took minutes!!!

Who ever this person is, is a genius.

I bet this is the Italian Mafia's doing. We are not in a very good relationship with this Mafia to put it simply they are our worst enemies. I know for them we just ants but that adds on the reason why we hate them not only us but other mafias.


I have a terrible headache right now and all I want to do is sleep but there is no way in hell I'm gonna sleep on this uncomfortable chair. Oh but I can sleep on one of my brother's lap. With that thought I stood up from my chair and walked to Aries who was on his phone.

I sat on his lap, wrapped my hands around his neck, rested my head between his shoulder and neck. He wrapped his other arm that was not on the phone around my waist to keep me from falling.

"Sleepy?"he asked me and I nodded.

"Okay sleep"he said and I fell asleep.


After sometime I looked at my sister's face that was fast asleep on the crook of my neck. Oh she's sooo cute. I kissed her cheek multiply times resulting in her pouting and I chuckled.

She's like a baby when she's asleep. She always let's her guard down when we are the only ones around her.

I kissed her on the check again.

"Will you stop doing that, she will end up waking if you don't stop" Aiden said.

"You are just jealous" I muttered

"What?" he asked

" No nothing. Anyways why don't you go ask someone what's happening, they can't just leave us here" I say

"No why don't you do that" he said

"Are you blind can't you see that Ali is sleeping on me"

" Well you can bring her to me" he said

"No she will wake up, just go" I say

"Okay I'll go" he said and left.

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